Webinar Marketing

Expand Business Value With LiveRamp + Meta's Conversions API

Learn how Meta’s Conversions API powers measurement and optimization with LiveRamp for maximized business value.

Engaging with consumers in a cookieless environment can feel out of reach for marketers—but it’s not, thanks to Meta’s Conversions API and LiveRamp. As marketers adopt new data collaboration solutions to optimize campaign performance and improve ROAS, it’s important to ask:

  • How are you expanding overall business value?   
  • Are you respecting customer privacy?
  • Does your strategy maximize media effectiveness and optimization?

Through LiveRamp’s partnership with Meta CAPI, marketers can check all of these boxes. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What Meta CAPI is and how it works
  • Why Meta chose LiveRamp as a strategic partner
  • How marketers across verticals can measure and optimize campaigns for expanded business and brand value

Ngan Nguyen

Senior Technical Partner Manager, Meta


Daniël Hoeksema

Senior Product Manager, Authenticated Traffic Solution, LiveRamp


Moderator: Miso Jang

Lead Product Marketing Manager, LiveRamp