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Leading consumer banking, insurance, and asset management companies partner with LiveRamp to deliver relevant and personalized marketing experiences through privacy-sensitive data collaboration that drives measurable impact.

Deliver personalized experiences customers expect – with privacy they demand

Reveal and reach your unique customers

Responsibly connect data sources at scale to enrich and unify your customer view. Expand your audience with permissioned second- and third-party data for more precise and personalized experiences.

Build your consumer data strategy

Maximize ad spend and program efficiency

Sharpen your martech ecosystem with cost-effective programs that never sacrifice impact. Uncover new ways to mitigate signal loss, optimize performance, and power product growth.

Optimize your advertising investment

Minimize data liability risks

Capture and combine customer insights while limiting the need to move and replicate first-party data. Deliver the most relevant experiences while lowering your data risk exposure.

Maximize your data in a regulated environment

With the new types of data signals that we are receiving, we need to bring our legal and compliance team up to speed on what this new landscape looks like, why it matters to us, and how we will still care for our customers in our ecosystem. Data collaboration is absolutely required to set ourselves up for success.

Shivani Srivastava VP, MarTech Products, Discover

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A preeminent New York City-based consumer bank saved 15% of their marketing and advertising budget by optimizing online and offline channel placements with LiveRamp.

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A large global insurance company tripled its ROAS with improved audience modeling and targeting that increased traffic and conversion rates.

A large regional bank

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A large regional bank doubled advertising ROI with people-based, omnichannel marketing programs using LiveRamp.