IDC Spotlight: Data Collaboration Is the Future, and the Future Starts Now

Learn how to transform the customer experience and build brand and business value through data collaboration.

Many organizations rely on first-party data for customer and product insights, even if that data is missing key information. A recent IDC survey found that companies believe value will shift to more external data over the next 18 months. Whether this is a result of cookie deprecation or leaders realizing the potential of data collaboration to unlock powerful insights and an improved customer experience, new partnerships are primed to play a critical role in business success. 

Read the IDC Spotlight, “Data Collaboration Is the Future, and the Future Starts Now,” to learn how:

  • Data collaboration, combining first-party with data from trusted partners, maximizes business and brand value
  • Data clean room technology fosters secure and privacy-preserving collaboration
  • Picking the right technology and data partners is key to obtaining the best insights and results