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Strengthen Control over Your Data with LiveRamp’s Embedded Transcoder Now Available in AWS Marketplace

  • - Lisa Cramer
  • 2 min read

In our years of innovating at the intersection of identity, technology, and data ethics, we know there’s always a new frontier to reach in keeping data safe and secure while maximizing its utility. Hundreds of global technology platforms, data sellers, and brands leverage our identity services every day while continuing to invest in the cloud, enabling teams to access the data they need.

Yet, to truly protect data in an ever-shifting business and regulatory environment, limiting data movement has become imperative. Our customers want partners to deliver solutions to them where their data lives instead of relying on a hub-and-spoke system. We’ve been iterating on how to make this a reality, and we are now proud to announce that we have strengthened our commitment to making data safe, private, and useful through the launch of our patent-pending Embedded Transcoder service on Amazon Web Services (AWS) via AWS Marketplace.

What can our Embedded Transcoder do for you?

LiveRamp Embedded Transcoder enables brands, technology platforms, and data sellers to deploy LiveRamp identity translation services into their AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) so the data never leaves their control and latency is reduced, improving downstream performance for marketing use cases such as activation and measurement. RampID, our durable pseudonymous identifier, is encrypted per client, locking down the domain strictly for that client’s use, protecting identifiers and preserving security. Embedded Transcoder allows for the conversion of RampID from one encoding to another so two parties can work interoperably, leveraging permissioned RampIDs in a safe and secure way.

AWS embedded transcoder

Embedded Transcoder unlocks a number of use cases and benefits for AWS customers across the industry: 

  • Technology platforms can activate and measure data faster to prove marketing ROI for their customers while also boosting technology investments 
  • Data sellers can more safely and quickly deploy third-party data to their customers, delivering full audience segments now on RampID
  • Brands can activate 100% of audience data through direct activation with destination platforms, all on RampID, safeguarding workflows and improving campaign ROI  


“Our customers have asked for ready-made solutions for data collaboration and interoperability that address new industry standards for data movement and privacy,” said Adam Solomon, global head of data and analytics business development for advertising and marketing technology at Amazon Web Services (AWS). “We are excited to have LiveRamp’s encryption translation solution available on AWS Marketplace to help customers improve data interoperability for advertising use cases while protecting consumer privacy and data security.”

If you are already an AWS customer, check out LiveRamp in the AWS marketplace. Technical resources to get started are also available through Github file and deployment guide