E-Book Measurement

The Journey to People-Based Measurement

Learn to walk (then run, then fly) with people-based measurement

Illuminate the true impact of marketing on every sale

As a marketer, it’s not enough to simply claim you’re delivering a great customer experience. You’ve also got to prove that great experiences contribute to revenue.

You can do this with people-based measurement – a new way to understand how brand exposure impacts sales on an individual level.

Doing this at scale, when you have disparate online and offline data sets (spread across disconnected channels), isn’t easy.

Our guide, “The Journey to People-Based Measurement,” charts a path to the holy grail of marketing: a truly holistic view of customers, their journeys, and the impact of marketing at every touchpoint along the way – both online and offline.

Read it to find out:

  • Why starting small is the fastest route to practical insights
  • When (and how) to scale up complexity while staying privacy conscious
  • How data lakes are going to change absolutely everything