A data enablement platform powered by identity, centered on privacy, integrated everywhere

Everything we do centers on making data safe and easy for businesses to use. Our Safe Haven platform powers customer intelligence, engages customers at scale, and creates breakthrough opportunities for business growth.

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LiveRamp helps our clients solve complex customer problems with data that does more.

Our platform offers the modern enterprise full control of how data can be accessed and used with industry leading software solutions for identity, activation, and data collaboration.

  • Build your data foundation

    Build access to data, develop valuable business insights and drive revenue while maintaining full control over access and use of data at all times.

  • Activate your data

    Accurately address your specific audiences at scale across any channel, platform, publisher or network and safely translate data between identity spaces to improve results.

  • Measure more effectively

    Effectively measure people-based campaigns with the freedom to choose from best-of-breed partners to optimize ROI and drive media innovation.

  • Strengthen consumer privacy

    Protect your customer data with leading privacy-preserving technologies and advanced techniques to minimize data movement while still enabling insight generation.


Drive sustainable growth with personal and engaging experiences.

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Purpose-built Solutions

Seamlessly integrate data to improve every customer interaction.

Leveraging LiveRamp to power your data infrastructure can transform how your enterprise engages your customers, empowers analytics teams and helps you maximize the value from your data.


Identity Resolution

LiveRamp helps you build, configure and maintain a unified view of your customer, easily connecting customer data from any and all data sources.

  • Ingest and access first-party data from across identity spaces to build a strong data foundation.
  • Resolve online and offline customer data at the person, household or event level.
  • Create and model audience segments using connected first-, second- and/or third-party data.
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Data Activation

LiveRamp enables you to activate your audiences across a wide range of online and offline channels, adtech destinations, and mar-tech technologies, so you can create more personalized and engaging customer experiences at scale.

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Campaign Measurement

LiveRamp provides a more accurate view of campaign performance across platforms and channels, so marketers can quantify business outcomes and optimize quickly to improve returns on advertising spend.

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Data Collaboration

LiveRamp provides a full suite of collaboration tools to improve customer intelligence. Remove boundaries with appropriate access and control privileges for each of your own teams and across single or multiple partners.

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Data Marketplace

LiveRamp simplifies access to safe, global, and trusted third-party data. Discover and analyze data sets to strengthen your strategic approach to data with pricing options that meet your needs.

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