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LiveRamp Innovation Studio: Enhancing Social Media Campaigns with Third-Party Data

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Data-driven advertisers know that a true omnichannel strategy involves engaging with their audience on social media to reach consumers wherever they are. According to a recent study, consumers spend an average of almost two-and-a-half hours on social media and messaging platforms, with those age 16 to 24 spending an average of three hours. The study also indicated that more than 4 out of 10 are using social media to conduct their research before making purchases.

Up until late last year, advertisers running social campaigns on Facebook could turn to its Partner Categories to enhance Facebook social media campaigns with available third-party data. This shift has forced advertisers to think more cohesively about their third-party data strategy across all social channels, not just Facebook. 

During RampUp New York at a LiveRamp Innovation Studio session, LiveRamp’s Bradley Haaland discussed how advertisers are making the shift with these changes, and how LiveRamp can help overcome these hurdles.

Enriching Campaigns for a Complete Consumer View

Running campaigns based on the available data sources on social media channels only gives advertisers a partial view of their target audience. Without third-party data, advertisers are only reaching their audience on Facebook based on the basics: gender, relationship status, interests, and location. Third-party data enhances known data with relevant information—purchase data, brand affinity, and more—to create robust campaigns that reach consumers in a meaningful way. 

The Rise of Digital Platform Silos

Facebook’s phasing out of Partner Categories for campaigns is only the beginning of the walled gardens. Twitter also announced that it will be deprecating its third-party data marketplace come January 30, 2020. Losing access to third-party data available through the digital platforms will make campaigns feel flat and one-dimensional, leaving untapped the audiences that can be reached to enrich campaigns. Savvy, data-driven advertisers must react to these consumer behaviors and tap into their audience along their customer journey for a true omnichannel experience, wherever they may browse.

Enhance Campaigns with a Third-Party Data Solution

As consumers rely more and more on social media, the data silos are also increasing, but data-driven advertisers don’t need to feel trapped. LiveRamp’s Data Marketplace offers third-party data from over 70 approved providers for Facebook and over 100 approved providers for Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Advertisers looking to enrich their social campaigns with third-party data have the ability to reach audiences based on demographic, contextual, behavior, or purchase-based factors. Advertisers also have the peace of mind that third-party data from LiveRamp’s Data Marketplace is ethically sourced and complies with all industry best practices. 

Getting Started with Third-Party Data for Consumer Social Platforms

To see how you can enrich your social media campaigns with the best-in-class third-party data from LiveRamp’s Data Marketplace, reach out to [email protected] to learn more and get started today.