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Recap: True Fluidity and Structuring TV Deals to Maximize ROI

  • - LiveRamp
  • 1 min read

In the recent webinar hosted by John Whitfield from MediaPost titled, “True Fluidity and Structuring TV Deals to Maximize ROI,” LiveRamp’s Jay Prasad, Chief Strategy Officer, TV and Jason Moe, VP, Business Development had a lively conversation on how recent viewership trends have accelerated changes in the TV ecosystem. For both media owners and marketers, these changes have built an increased demand for cross-screen strategic insights. 

The heart of the discussion centered on the value that real-time measurement provides media owners and advertisers, especially when navigating fragmentation. Jay and Jason also defined true fluidity and how it gives the flexibility that advertisers crave, and why media programmers and providers who embrace true fluidity are better positioned to increase yield and maximize ROI across all of their inventory.

In this first clip, Jason recaps why 2020 was such a unique year for the television industry.


Here, Jay defines what true fluidity is:

In this last clip, Jay continues with why true fluidity is important and a win-win scenario for the television ecosystem.

Has your interest been piqued? Check out the full session here.