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Privacy is Serious Business. It’s Also Good Business

  • - Amy Stewart
  • 3 min read

January 28th marks Data Privacy Day, an international event to raise awareness and promote privacy and data protection best practices. In addition to organizing a week of interesting discussions and activities at LiveRamp to highlight how seriously we take privacy in everything we do, build, and say, we are also taking the opportunity to explain why we care so deeply about it. 

Our values as an organization guide our teams, not just to follow the laws around the world but also to think about our requirements beyond a legal framework. Handling data ethically requires knowing the difference between what is technically possible and what is legally permissible, but it also means considering what’s culturally acceptable. That’s why today, to kick off Privacy Week, we highlight three values that sit at the core of LiveRamp’s culture that explain why, when it comes to privacy, we mean business.         

Above all, we do what’s right 

As LiveRamp’s business becomes more and more global, so must our mindset. Keeping current with and understanding different laws and data regulations across countries and regions are table stakes. To truly do what is right, we need to adhere to the cultural norms of people wherever they live. 

While much of the developed world considers privacy a human right, that’s not the case everywhere. We’re not even consistent within the U.S., as our patchwork of state and category-based federal laws reflects. Large populations on other continents want their governments involved with protecting their data. As business leaders who believe in the value of data, we acknowledge that we cannot be fully homogenous in our approach, nor can we impose our values on others. To do what is right, we must always be sensitive to cultural expectations, as well as the law.  

We love our customers 

Our customers understand the importance of building trust, especially with the increased focus on direct relationships. To accomplish this, every company needs and wants to protect the privacy of their customers. 

LiveRamp works hard every day to support our customers’ desire to fulfill their promises to their customers by providing the expertise and the technology that allows them to demonstrate they are trustworthy stewards of data. Our ongoing commitment to embedding good privacy practices into the design specifications of technologies, business practices, and infrastructures helps our customers grow their own businesses. 

We say what we do and we do what we say 

From the beginning, we have always been a privacy-centric organization, purpose-built to protect consumer information while enabling effective uses of data. Privacy is at the core of our business and at the foundation of our products, designed to pseudonymize and avoid re-identification, enable federated learning, and keep data localized. Our investments in privacy-enhancing technologies reflect our commitment to taking human values into account at all times.   

All this is to say that, when it comes to privacy, LiveRamp means business. We will continue to take our leadership position in the industry seriously and navigate a complex landscape with a sincere desire to always do what’s right. Privacy also happens to be good business, so staying true to our values will result in our success and will enable success for our customers too.