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LiveRamp Partner Roundup: Public Democracy, Analytic Partners, Quora

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At LiveRamp, our strength is in our partnerships. Not only are we constantly adding new platform, data sellers, and publishers to our people-based marketing family, but we’re always deepening and evolving existing relationships to bring you new people-based solutions.

We’re excited to bring you a roundup of our newest partners, as well as new features for our existing partners. Read on for the newest data sellers now available in the LiveRamp Data Marketplace, and the newest platform and publisher destinations now available in Connect.

Public Democracy

Public Democracy (PD) adds its Values Data™ to the LiveRamp Data Marketplace. PD’s Values Data is a collection of millions of points of connection and meaning. From sharing a hopeful documentary or an inspiring political ad to serving at a soup kitchen or signing a petition advocating for others, each moment is a reflection of dreams, empathy, and agency.

As LiveRamp’s first Certified B Corp partner, PD has taken a different approach to what matters with data. Over the past decade, PD has supported a wide array of civic, service, political, advocacy, and community-building initiatives.

Analytic Partners

Analytic Partners, a global leader in analytics, has recently deepened its relationship with LiveRamp to help further support its clients’ needs to gain customer-level insights. Analytic Partners’ clients benefit from best-in-class identity matching through LiveRamp’s identity resolution platform.

This identity resolution allows Analytic Partners to create a comprehensive view of interactions at the person and household level, providing insights to enhance holistic measurement across strategies and tactics. These insights also optimize for increased efficiency and effectiveness across marketing plans. Through its partnership with LiveRamp, Analytic Partners can now provide an additional level of expertise for its clients.


Quora, a leading knowledge-sharing platform, recently integrated with LiveRamp, enabling marketers to deliver segmented audiences to Quora Ad Manager based on CRM records for the purpose of reaching and engaging those audiences. Marketers can now use segments from their offline records to activate and run campaigns on Quora, all in a privacy-conscious way.

Through the LiveRamp integration, B2B marketers using the Quora Ad Manager platform are now able to engage with their people-based audiences, providing marketers with high-intent, contextual relevant moments to engage with potential customers. B2C marketers advertising on Quora can now deliver their offline audiences and run campaigns on the Quora Ads platform in a contextual, relevant, and brand-safe environment through the LiveRamp integration.

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