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LiveRamp and Lotame Announce Expanded Identity Partnership

  • - LiveRamp
  • 2 min read

As a result of privacy regulations, the imminent death of third-party cookies, implementation of Apple’s ATT, and soon, the loss of IP addresses and other device-based identifiers amidst evolving privacy regulation and restrictions at the browser- and device-level, the adtech ecosystem has become increasingly fragmented. Each of these changes has affected critical marketer workflows, including the ability to segment and activate audiences, suppress and retarget, execute a cohesive cross-device strategy, glean audience insights, measure and attribute campaign performance, and more.

Meanwhile, consumer attention and behavior has shape-shifted in parallel, fracturing across more platforms, channels, and formats than ever before—from web to mobile, CTV, and beyond. This adds another layer of complexity for marketers keen on enhancing and personalizing the consumer experience in a safe, secure, and privacy-first way. 

In order to provide marketers with continuity and sustainable solutions, the industry must prioritize interoperability. We define interoperability as the ability to work with any platform without lock-in, and to interact with data across platforms, identity spaces, and marketplaces to put people in the center of marketing.

This is why LiveRamp and Lotame have announced an expanded identity partnership focused on delivering improved interoperability across identity spaces. Moving forward, Lotame customers utilizing Lotame Panorama IDwill also be able to access RampIDLiveRamp’s people-based, privacy-first identifier.

“LiveRamp’s commitment to neutrality and interoperability between identities, partners, and customers is second to none. Add to that the fact that we’ve built our business by making it safe and easy to use data without compromise, this was a natural partnership for us to champion,” said Anne Acker, Vice President of Sales, Platforms, and Data at LiveRamp. 

Transacting using RampID provides a number of meaningful benefits, including enabling audience-based activation and measurement across every channel. This in turn allows marketers to create a more holistic view of their customer.

“Our clients depend on us to provide innovative identity solutions that are relevant, responsible, and resilient. By joining forces with LiveRamp and adding the Panorama ID as an interoperable solution with RampID, we’re effectively giving them greater flexibility—and confidence—to reach individuals, measure outcomes, and drive tangible business results, today and in the future,” said Pierre Diennet, VP of Global Partnerships at Lotame.

To learn more about this partnership, please reach out to [email protected].