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Disney: Interoperable Software Enables Addressable Media Across Connected TV Advertising and Streaming Opportunities

  • - Travis Clinger
  • 3 min read

Disney Advertising and LiveRamp have announced a new collaboration that will give advertisers more ways to reach their audiences at scale across premium CTV Inventory. Through a direct integration to Disney’s Audience Graph, we’re creating interoperability with RampID, and enabling buyers to access CTV and streaming inventory when leveraging LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS). In today’s economic climate, it’s critical that every impression marketers buy is addressable. Through this collaboration, marketers will have the ability to securely use their data within ad buys, while benefiting from the security and controls that solutions like RampID and Disney’s Audience Graph have, to enable addressability.

As companies build ever stronger relationships with their customers, first-party data is a critical priority for marketers’ toolkits. By harnessing the vast amount of customer data that results from customer touchpoints, brands can enhance their marketing with first-party data to personalize customer experiences, unlock new revenue streams, and stand out in a crowded market while increasing brand loyalty.

“With marketers seeking solutions that leverage first-party data versus pixels and cookies, Disney Advertising continues to architect solutions that put choice and control back in the hands of buyers,” said Jamie Power, SVP, Addressable Sales, Disney. “We’re excited to expand the aperture of interoperability through our new integration with Experian and LiveRamp, which will give advertisers increased reach and optimized frequency across Disney inventory while powering greater choice and control for buyers.”

Since its inception, LiveRamp’s people-based identifier, RampID, has helped companies activate their first-party data, and engage with consumers at precisely the right moment with the right message. By helping marketers to connect across all of their brand’s offline and online first-party data, RampID helps to reach and engage customers wherever they are in their journeys. Now marketers using RampID will be able to leverage this direct integration to better personalize experiences across Disney’s streaming services.

An authenticated approach to advertising

Disney and LiveRamp have both been dedicated to providing solutions that help buyers unlock the power of first-party data. As marketers continue to look for solutions that prioritize people-based marketing and first-party data, Disney’s added interoperability with LiveRamp enables marketers to improve campaign effectiveness through increased addressability, which ultimately translates into better ad experiences and improved reach and frequency.

Brands buy across RampID-enabled inventory because it is built upon authentications, where consumers share their first-party information in a trusted, transparent exchange for valued content or services. More than 450 brands work with LiveRamp to use their first-party data to personalize consumer experiences, and we partner with more than 160 demand and sell-side platforms ensuring that marketers can buy on the platform they want. LiveRamp’s integration with Disney is the latest of a series of new integrations across social media, CTV, and soon Mar Tech, starting with email and SMS. 

Powering better results for marketers through innovation

Disney Advertising’s collaboration with LiveRamp will help to further enable better addressability with the scale and privacy that the ecosystem needs. Marketers are demanding that they can personalize the next frontier of digital advertising—Connected TV—and this upcoming integration will deliver exactly that. 

We’re looking forward to continuing to deliver the solutions marketers are looking for in every part of the ecosystem.

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