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LiveRamp and Comscore Partner to Make TV Data Actionable

  • - John Hoctor
  • 2 min read

Consumer media consumption is evolving so quickly that media measurement is struggling to keep pace. The ecosystem is calling out for a next-generation measurement alternative. LiveRamp continues to be an innovator in the marketplace, driving change first within the ad-tech space—and more recently within the television ecosystem—by continuing to forge key partnerships and investments within the marketplace. Today, we continue this trend.

I’m excited to announce that LiveRamp has entered into a strategic partnership with Comscore to usher in the next generation of addressable TV activation and cross-platform video measurement across the advertising ecosystem. This partnership leverages Comscore’s trusted cross-screen viewership data with LiveRamp’s unrivaled identity and data connectivity solutions, including our outcome-based measurement platform Data Plus Math, and our data collaboration environment, LiveRamp Safe Haven

With this deeper relationship, Data Plus Math’s brand clients will now have exclusive access and ability to seamlessly match Comscore’s viewership data with third-party transaction data sets to help power outcome-based TV and cross-screen measurement. Comscore will also adopt LiveRamp Safe Haven as its preferred data collaboration partner, enabling clients to match data in a neutral and secure environment. As the privacy and regulatory landscape shifts, it is more important than ever for media owners and brands to adopt solutions that enable them to understand the return on their media investments in a consumer-friendly and privacy-first manner.

Previously, the TV industry was fraught with challenges. Partial universes, cost-prohibitive datasets, and laborious integrations meant advertisers had to rely on suboptimal TV targeting and measurement strategies. TV sellers also did not get the full credit for the outcomes they delivered. With LiveRamp teaming up with Comscore, a solution to these existing challenges has now emerged.  

This partnership will accelerate the path that the media and advertising industry is already on to create more addressability at scale on any platform and to provide better accountability for marketers, better monetization for the sell side, and most importantly, more relevant customer experiences. 

We’re excited to grow our existing partnership with Comscore and plan to share more details in the coming months about how this partnership will roll out across products and services at LiveRamp.   

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