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How NBCU Powers Customer Intelligence Across the Enterprise for a Best-in-Class Consumer Experience

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RampUp 2023 brought together innovators from across the world for thought leadership, connection, and learning to unlock new insights in a world connected by data. One of the first steps in data collaboration is bringing internal data sets together to better understand and serve consumers across an enterprise. In this RampUp 2023 panel with NBCUniversal, Kaitie Coghlan, SVP, Data Product & Partnerships, NBCU Enterprise; and Andrew Kelley, VP, Global Data Strategy & Transformation, Universal Pictures; share how they collaborate to engage viewers across screens and deepen loyalty within business units. 

Why is internal data collaboration a key first step for organizations?

On stage, NBCUniversal paints a picture of being extremely data-rich, with properties ranging from films to theme parks, but highlights that they needed to develop a holistic 360-degree view of their consumers. By taking this cohesive approach to data, NBCU was able to break down silos within their organization, and unify data—and insights—across their enterprise.

Learn more about how NBCU broke down these silos to develop better customer intelligence, as well as:

  • How interoperability helped solve identity across a team of more than 30,000
  • How to enact change across an organization when building new data solutions
  • What NBCU learned launching its ID for more than 200 million individuals, with more than 1,000 attributes per individual

Watch this session here.

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