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Easily Activate LiveRamp Data Marketplace Third-Party Audiences in Adobe Audience Manager

  • - Gerard Vicente
  • 2 min read

Marketers are constantly seeking to achieve business continuity with their data strategy. They form partnerships with data sellers and platforms that can cater to new data buying trends, unlocking deeper insights and tying campaign results to business outcomes. Our latest partnership with Adobe Audience Manager delivers on our commitment to accuracy and efficiency—qualities that marketers value in a partner. 

With this partnership, Adobe Audience Manager (AAM) users are able to immediately access the thousands of audiences available in the LiveRamp Data Marketplace directly through the AAM interface. Adobe licensees now have access to the simplest platform for marketers to find and use a wide variety of quality data, grounded in an accurate and scalable identity. Third-party data seller traits within AAM feeds through LiveRamp are organized by price point, including per thousand and flat fee. Feeds are either public or private. 

Marketers using AAM can now leverage trusted third-party audiences from a diverse group of data sellers, from verticals including CPG, health care and pharmaceutical, and automotive. With these best-in-class third-party data sellers from the LiveRamp Data Marketplace, Adobe licensees can now augment their first-party data for campaigns directly within the AAM interface. Adobe licensees can now qualify and segment first-party audiences and activate segments across AAM’s entire network of destination partners. Users can also build lookalike models within the interface using their first-party data audiences. 

Exclusive to our integration with Adobe Audience Manager, we’ve curated an Adobe and LiveRamp “Starter Pack” that provides buyers with a single taxonomy, including segments of three noncompetitive data sellers. The current version allows for coverage across automotive, demographic, CPG, travel, retail and QSR verticals. For more information on this integration and how to activate the Starter Pack, reach out to [email protected]