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Build Better Connections for a Better Future: Introducing

  • - Lauren Dillard
  • 3 min read

Some of our most meaningful experiences as LiveRampers have been when we step outside our usual roles to serve others and work with partners in support of the common good. As a company, we’ve closed the office early so team members can clean Ocean Beach in San Francisco. We’ve provided our technology for free to nonprofits and celebrated with them when their initiatives succeeded. We’ve worked with partners to imagine what we could do together to achieve social good through data innovation

Together, these experiences have both opened our eyes to what is possible and encouraged team members and partners to ask that we do more. In response, we are launching, our new initiative to leverage the time, talent, and treasure across our company to better serve our communities and support more just economic and social systems. will house our Data For Good initiative, coordinate our volunteer/service programs, and unify our social-impact partnerships into a single ecosystem that builds on the different successes we have achieved thus far.  

Uncovering new and more meaningful value in data

Our partnerships and the application of data for social good have helped us unlock even greater social and economic value from the data our platform supports. We’ve worked with the U.S. Census to fill gaps in commercial data around underserved communities to create market incentives for investments that support local needs. We’ve helped partners use data to identify unmet needs for those struggling with substance use disorder. We also developed structures for data trusts to more efficiently and equitably unlock value from information to create new economies and revenue streams for nonprofits and service organizations.

“At its most basic level, behavioral data is a form of crowdsourcing,” said Eric Sapp, President of Public Democracy. “Any solution or insight we uncover in the data is only there because thousands or millions of people have already traced a path to that answer. 

“LiveRamp has been an amazing partner in our effort to uncover the greater value in data as we move beyond traditional use cases to unlock the potential in data marketplaces that seek to empower, understand, and serve.”  

Supporting the fight against COVID-19

As many of us continue to work from home due to the ongoing global health crisis, one initiative that many LiveRampers spearheaded or contributed to is applying our time and talent in the fight against the COVID-19. 

From the start of the pandemic, DataFleets, now part of LiveRamp, worked closely with HCA Healthcare and the CHARGE consortium to power safe, secure data collaboration across 12 health care institutions to improve care for COVID-19 patients. We partnered with AdCouncil and other technology companies to empower millions of Americans to stay safe, informed, and connected during the pandemic. Last summer, we partnered with Public Democracy to increase COVID-19 testing for underrepresented communities. We worked with partners to donate datasets, and the connecting, synthesis, and analysis of which helped identify and address bias within our public health systems, as proven by the first large COVID-19 clinical research study to achieve a fully representative population sample. 

All of these COVID-19-related projects are part of our Data for Good initiative, which leverages the power of our technology to connect data and change the world. 

Connecting DIB and Data for Good

To further our commitment to diversity, inclusion and belonging (DIB), we recently deposited $15 million in cash reserves to OneUnited Bank and Southern Bancorp to improve universal access to financial resources. Later this year, we’ll be collaborating with OneUnited to power their digital campaigns to better address the financial literacy gap within the Black community. 

“Our vision is to use technology to teach and inspire the Black community to build net worth. We are proud to lock arms with LiveRamp to empower our community with state-of-the-art data connectivity technology,” said Kevin Cohee, Chairman and CEO of OneUnited Bank. “This partnership with LiveRamp brings us one step closer to truly understanding in-depth the financial needs of Black Americans and providing our community with the critical tools necessary to build net worth.”

Join us in being a force for change

Over the next several months, we’ll introduce you to other companies and causes we’ve been fortunate to find and collaborate with through Data for Good. 

To learn more about, visit our website. If you want to collaborate on a project, please email us at [email protected]