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Three Ways to Maximize Your CTV Investments

  • - LiveRamp
  • 2 min read

As the TV ecosystem undergoes a massive transformation, advertisers are looking for holistic video investment strategies to reach their target audience and maximize investments. Recently, LiveRamp’s Head of Solutions, Christine Grammier, sat down with PepsiCo to discuss three key areas advertisers should focus on to maximize their campaign dollars.

Establish better partnerships

Kate Brady, PepsiCo’s Head of Media Innovation & Partnership Development, stressed the need to make investments work faster, better, and stronger. One winning strategy is to establish innovative partnerships and leverage new technologies to lean in, connect, and engage.

Brands are seeking next-level partnerships to go beyond traditional audience segments to build future strategies for a competitive advantage. Data collaboration is the next iteration of these partnerships. LiveRamp TV’s enhanced platform enables brands and media sellers to safely and easily connect cross-screen data, such as advertising impressions, for advanced business applications. These capabilities will revolutionize the way the TV industry approaches Upfronts.

Creating a value exchange

Technology has given people more choices of how and where to view content, and consumers also expect more from brands and media companies. Risa Andersen, PepsiCo’s Senior Director, North America Media and Consumer Data, shared the importance of building out a first-party data audience-development strategy through a value exchange, and how LiveRamp has been essential to unlocking personalization to consumers.

The media landscape has changed rapidly and dramatically, and the power now shifts to who has first-party data. Providing consumers with experiences they expect and welcome can deepen first-party relationships, but requires commitment from the brand to ensure they are continually delivering value to the customer. Done right, these first-party relationships will lead to better personalization, activation, and measurement—ultimately leading to greater ROI.

Leveraging cross-screen measurement

Seeing sales lift is all about measuring performance, and linear measurement won’t cut it in a CTV ecosystem. Atin Kulkarni, PepsiCo’s Senior Director, Global Marketing Science/Tech and Store Analytics, discussed how the company is shifting away from traditional measurement in siloes to next-generation, cross-screen initiatives that truly measure what matters and inform and enable their holistic media buying and planning strategy.

A cross-screen measurement strategy enables interoperability between systems and connects disparate data sets, providing a comprehensive view of your campaign. Leverage identity-informed data sets for better strategic planning and management of your business. Make sure you’re regularly measuring across all screens and streams to better streamline and attribute performance across media types.