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Snowflake Summit 2022: LiveRamp Solutions on Snowflake’s Native Application Framework

  • - LiveRamp
  • 2 min read

One of LiveRamp’s core goals is to bring our technology where our customers’ data lives—and as public cloud adoption continues its extraordinary growth, that goal has never been more urgent. In our new privacy-centric world, data-savvy businesses face a daunting challenge: how to safely connect their diverse collection of customer data to generate more performance insights and more accurate customer modeling. 

Last week, we were thrilled to participate in Snowflake’s annual user conference with our Head of Embedded Identity Products, Lisa Cramer, speaking at the keynote, Building in the Data Cloud – Machine Learning and Application Development alongside Snowflake Principal Product Manager, Unmesh Jagtap. During the keynote, Lisa and Unmesh discussed our partnership and the development of two new solutions built with Snowflake’s new Native Application Framework that provide a scalable identity-on-demand capability to enrich native Snowflake workflows, LiveRamp Device Resolution, and LiveRamp Transcoding.

Here’s more on our latest solutions: 

  • LiveRamp Device Resolution: LiveRamp’s industry-leading technology for resolving device identifiers such as cookies, MAIDs, CTV ad IDs, and more into durable and accurate RampIDs
  • LiveRamp Transcoding: LiveRamp’s partner-to-partner consented RampID translation supports collaboration and measurement use cases within Snowflake’s powerful cross-cloud shared views

Both LiveRamp Device Resolution and LiveRamp Transcoding are embedded into Snowflake’s cloud service frameworks and are natively implemented and hosted on Snowflake, meaning customer data never leaves the Snowflake cloud. In addition, since these solutions are embeddable into Snowflake workflows, they can enhance any infrastructure platform that clients are using on Snowflake, including master data management solutions, customer data warehouse solutions, data lake solutions, or even customer data platform analytic and modeling solutions.

Learn more about LiveRamp’s solutions in the native application framework or reach us at [email protected]