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No Cookies? No Problem. Q&A with LiveRamp’s Travis Clinger

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With 40% of the internet already cookieless, publishers should understand that there is no silver bullet for the end of the third-party cookie. Authenticated identity is the gold standard and will give publishers higher CPMs on their cookieless inventory, but publishers should also explore contextual solutions and plan to test Google’s Topics.

Last year, Dev Pragad, CEO at Newsweek, reported driving a total eCPM as high as 224%, with an average lift of 52% across all web browsers using LiveRamp ATS. Most recently, LiveRamp completed a global analysis of 70+ publishers live with ATS over the past six months and saw the following:

  • A 100% improvement in CPMs on Safari and 113% on Firefox—addressability is a major factor in cookieless monetization
  • Auth rates are higher than people think—more than 33% of Safari/Firefox impressions are addressable today before pubs begin to scale auth

Travis Clinger, SVP, Addressability & Ecosystem at LiveRamp, was recently interviewed by AdMonsters about the latest findings underscoring ATS’s performance, and the immediate opportunity publishers have to improve addressability and their businesses.

Click here to read the Q&A.  

Watch the video case study below where Jenny Connelly, EVP of Product and Technology at Penske Media Corp, shares the process for how they executed a complex first-party data initiative. During this presentation, Jenny dives into the nuts-and-bolts insights on how they drove executive buy-in, built a business case, and tackled a cross-company tech build-out, which will enable them to grow and scale their business across marquee titles such as Rolling Stone, Variety, Billboard, and more.

If you have questions or are curious about how LiveRamp can help with your first-party data strategy and authenticated audiences, reach out to [email protected]

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