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LiveRamp Enters into Strategic Partnership with Google Cloud to Enable Identity in the Cloud

  • - LiveRamp
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Now more than ever, brands, platforms, publishers, and agencies are looking to the cloud for scalable, secure, and modern solutions to manage data and analyze the entire customer journey. To meet those needs, IT leaders and enterprise executives are turning to third-party cloud solutions for robust features and capabilities, including data security and protection, data modernization, and cost and performance improvements for IT operations.

At LiveRamp, we have always been committed to making it safe and easy for enterprises to maximize the value of their data—no matter where that data lives. Our suite of identity products has been specifically designed with the protection, scale, speed, and interoperability required to unlock the full value of cloud data environments.  

Bringing Identity into the Cloud 

We’re excited to announce that we’ve entered into a strategic partnership with Google Cloud to enable identity in the cloud as an infrastructural upgrade for clients. Through this first-of-its-kind partnership, clients can now access LiveRamp’s identity capabilities via API through Google Cloud Marketplace to build a unified view of the customer inside their data environment. 

Joining forces with a global platform like Google Cloud allows our clients to maximize the value of their cloud infrastructure to power next-generation use cases.

The Benefits of LiveRamp and Google Cloud

As cloud and data upgrades increasingly reinforce one another, this strategic partnership is a significant technical shift in how marketers and platforms can build the next generation of customer experiences. Embedding people-based identity into Google Cloud infrastructure brings value to enterprises by enabling them to:

  • Maximize security. By deploying identity in the cloud, clients can minimize data movement, keeping greater control over their data.
  • Improve performance. Leveraging unified, organized, and accurate data improves performance throughout all downstream cloud data use cases, including analytics, reporting, activation, and targeting.
  • Generate greater returns on cloud data infrastructure investment.
    Unified and accurate data drives increased operational efficiencies and cost optimization across storage, compute, and beyond.
  • Uphold consumer privacy. Privacy-by-design architecture offers pseudonymization and minimizes risk of reidentification and misuse to ensure data is protected and used safely.

This strategic partnership with Google Cloud solidifies our commitment to enabling enterprises to collaborate with customer data in a privacy-enhancing manner. More information on LiveRamp’s strategic partnership with Google Cloud can be found in our press release and on our Google Cloud page