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Carrefour Links Press Conference Recap: Powering Safe, Secure Data Collaboration with LiveRamp

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A few weeks ago, Warren Jenson, our President, participated in Carrefour’s press conference announcing the launch of Carrefour Links, the leading global retailer’s platform that allows its suppliers and partners to use data and analytics to better understand customers and their journeys. Here are some of the key points shared during the event:

“We’ve made the choice of an open platform.”

Elodie Perthuisot, Executive Director of E-commerce Data and Digital Transformation at the Carrefour Group, said, “We’ve made the choice of an open platform. What does this mean? It means that our partners don’t need to change their tools or the media platforms that they work with, or their habits. They can connect to [Carrefour Links] in a secure fashion and do their own analysis, for instance, identifying the type of customer they want to address a certain coupon to, choose to deploy it on our websites or applications, measure the performances of these actions with our teams in real time, and make better sales choices.”

LiveRamp helps power this safe, secure connection between Carrefour and its partners on Carrefour Links. Our commitment to interoperability ensures that permissioned partners can continue to use the tools they are accustomed to so they can maintain existing workflows and reap greater return on their investment in people and technology. 

“It’s through LiveRamp’s collaboration platform that Carrefour and its partners can safely and easily collaborate.”

In response to a question about how the technologies powering Carrefour Links—Google Cloud Platform, LiveRamp, and Criteo—transform the experience for customers, Warren said, “We talk a lot about data. We talk about technology, we talk about machine learning, but there are two constants that it all adds up to, and that’s the consumer and the customer experience. So at LiveRamp, that’s exactly the thing we focus on—working with our partners to help them safely and easily use data to create great customer experiences. It’s also through our collaboration platform that Carrefour and its partners can safely and easily collaborate.”

In our journey with Carrefour and countless other customers, we are privileged to work as partners and innovate together in making more data available for safe, easy access, activation, and measurement. With customer intelligence in increasingly short supply, our ability to help customers connect data and collaborate with others can help them achieve a competitive advantage.

“Every degree makes a difference.”

Did you know that 60% of the carbon footprint of doing the laundry comes from heating the water? Claire Van Hoorn, Corporate Marketing Leader, France Benelux, at Procter & Gamble introduced this statistic and the insight that “every degree makes a difference” during the press conference. 

She then relayed how LiveRamp and Carrefour supported an ad campaign for the laundry detergent brand Ariel.

“We launched a national campaign to raise consumer awareness of the benefits for the planet of washing at cooler temperatures with Ariel pods and National Geographic, and complemented this national campaign with a powerful, shopper-centric amplification enabled by combining Carrefour Data Shopper, LiveRamp, and P&G media. Thanks to Carrefour shopper purchase data and the LiveRamp ecosystem, we were able to identify shoppers who had a strong affinity with eco products and activated a targeted digital media campaign toward this audience with a relevant message at the right time and at the right location.”