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Case Study: Driving Performance on Facebook with LiveRamp’s Data Marketplace

  • - Bradley Haaland
  • 2 min read

Over one in every five digital advertising dollars flows through Facebook. But digital marketers who rely on Facebook’s native targeting capabilities alone do not generate the greatest possible impact for each dollar spent. Savvy brands and their agency partners build high-performance Facebook campaigns by leveraging third-party data to ensure even more accurate targeting.

HomeServe, the leader in home repair service solutions serving nearly four million homeowners in North America, and its agency, Garfield Group, recently teamed up with LiveRamp to follow this playbook to build a winning campaign on the social network.

Combining Facebook’s Broad Reach with Precise Third-Party Data

In early 2019, HomeServe partnered with a website focused on DIY projects for new homeowners and renters to create a contest: “Home is Where the Heart Is.” The sweepstakes offered one lucky winner the chance to win $10,000 to make over a room in their home.

To drive contest registrations on Facebook, HomeServe and Garfield Group turned to LiveRamp. Through its Data Marketplace, LiveRamp provides brand marketers and their agency partners a one-stop shop to build audiences for successful Facebook campaigns. The Data Marketplace includes over 65 Facebook-approved data sellers offering third-party data sets of all types (financial, demographic, transaction, location, etc.).

LiveRamp enabled HomeServe and Garfield Group to refine their target audience with the exact third-party data they needed: five “length of home ownership” audiences. LiveRamp’s seamless Facebook integration made it easy to distribute these best-in-class audiences for their campaign execution.

Driving Effective and Efficient Engagement

By leveraging Facebook’s broad reach and further refining audiences with third-party data from the LiveRamp Data Marketplace, HomeServe and Garfield Group assured they were reaching the right targets. The contest generated over 9,000 submissions in less than a month, buoyed by a stellar post-engagement rate of 5.2%. Notably, HomeServe achieved a highly efficient cost per acquisition at just over one quarter per customer ($0.27).

“When HomeServe came to us wanting to find a viable audience for this initiative, turning to LiveRamp was a no-brainer,” said Melanie Megale, digital marketing manager at Garfield Group. “The Data Marketplace’s accurate and up-to-date audience marketplace, plus their seamless Facebook integration, helped elevate performance in an already proven engine.”