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Up Next: Accelerating Data Collaboration through Our New Partnership with Snowflake’s Media Data Cloud

  • - Jay Prasad
  • 2 min read

Simplifying how advertising is executed across all screens. Prioritizing privacy and security. Doing more with data. Companies across our ecosystem face tremendous business, data, and technology challenges every day. One reason why I love working at LiveRamp is we enable them to achieve competitive advantage within the infrastructural investments they’ve already made, while offering new innovation at the right time.

Today, I’m pleased to share our new partnership with Snowflake’s Media Data Cloud, which will enable companies to orchestrate highly personalized marketing and experiences using our online identity and translation capabilities. Our partnership brings a host of benefits and new, exciting capabilities to customers and partners across the digital ecosystem.

Harmonizing TV Measurement and New Currencies through Data Collaboration

By accessing our embedded identity in Snowflake’s Media Data Cloud, brands, agencies, TV programmers and CTV platforms will be able to power more accurate media measurement with unparalleled reach and flexibility across screens. For the first time, we’re enabling multiple measurement currencies within the Snowflake ecosystem and unlocking better person-based insights between media companies and their brand partners.

“The new reality of measurement and currency is unfolding in a way that unlocks new capabilities and insights for our clients that were never available before. The LiveRamp integration with Snowflake enables us to access even more accurate and granular insights for our clients in a privacy centric way, which is paramount for us. We look forward to the continued acceleration towards our goals of streamlining privacy and secure computing with these two partners,” said Ross McCray, Founder and CEO of VideoAmp.

Powering Cloud-Based Data Collaboration and Accuracy

Core to safe, secure data collaboration is not only LiveRamp and Snowflake’s shared ethos and innovation in privacy technologies, but also their partnerships with companies that further ensure that brands, agencies, and publishers have access to highly accurate, permissioned data.

“This partnership combines Truthset’s data accuracy service with LiveRamp’s best-in-class identity to provide a standardized platform for marketers to build and measure audiences with confidence. Any brand, platform, supplier, or publisher can access the combined service directly in Snowflake to improve the precision, predictability, and performance of cross-media advertising,” said Scott McKinley, founder and CEO of Truthset.

Consumer fragmentation in media consumption and paths to purchase are the new norm and will continue to become more complicated. Through this partnership, we aim to reduce the impact of these complexities so our ecosystem can continue to thrive and enable better measurement and customer experiences everywhere.

For more details on our partnership with Snowflake, read our press release.

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