Arbor has joined the LiveRamp Team

Arbor has joined the LiveRamp Team

Arbor has joined the LiveRamp Team

Thank you for your interest in Arbor, now a part of LiveRamp!

LiveRamp is the leader in omnichannel identity resolution for publishers, technology platforms, data owners, brands and agencies. LiveRamp’s IdentityLink makes it possible to tie all marketing data back to real people and activate that data anywhere.
With the acquisition of Arbor, LiveRamp is able to expand the possibilities on our shared vision of unified data and people-based marketing for every brand, publisher and platform in the marketing ecosystem.

  • IdentityLink™ for publishers

    Access the largest marketplace of buyers for your various data assets while maintaining full control and transparency. Unlock new advertising revenue from top global brands by activating people-based targeting and measurement directly on your site or in your app.

  • IdentityLink™ for platforms

    Build cross-device, cross-platform, and cross-channel solutions within your digital marketing platform by resolving disparate offline and digital identifiers back to real people. Integrate seamlessly into the wider digital ecosystem and access 1st party, 3rd party, and high quality location data.

  • Identity Resolution

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    Are you an Arbor customer? Don’t worry, you can still access the Arbor platform. It’s as simple as clicking the link below.
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