Build an omnichannel view by connecting offline data and online data

Building an omnichannel view

Build an omnichannel view by connecting offline data and online data

An omnichannel view of the consumer is the key to people-based marketing. Our identity resolution service leverages AbiliTec® and our identity graph to link all offline and online identifiers back to a consumer at the individual level—all in a privacy-safe manner. When you can recognize consumers everywhere, the possibilities are endless.

Key benefits

  • Online to Offline

    Offline data matching

    IdentityLink™ resolves first-party offline CRM, direct marketing, and point-of-sale data back to a single anonymous consumer identifier.

  • Data Syncing

    Move online data

    Link that ID with data from online destinations to connect from one destination to another, enabling seamless activation across every platform, publisher, and channel using the same IdentityLink™.

  • Identity Resolution

    Layer exposure data

    Use IdentityLink™ to pull together online exposure data from platforms and publishers and tie it back to the same ID as the rest of your data for a complete, measurable understanding of customer behavior.

Features powering our omnichannel view

  • Identity graph

    Identity graph

    Our identity graph powers IdentityLink™. Using data from top brands and publishers, we see over 170 million unique authentication events online per month, and maintain over 800 million recently matched cookies. Our identity graph enables us to connect offline data and online data back to a single identifier that can be activated against the digital marketing ecosystem.

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  • LiveRamp Connect

    LiveRamp Connect

    Access omnichannel profile data via LiveRamp Connect, segment effective audiences, and select any of the 500+ marketing platforms as destinations for onboarding.

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  • Data Store

    Data Store

    With over 100+ platforms participating in the data store, IdentityLink™ connects data buyers to data sellers in order to build the omnichannel view of the customer.

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  • LiveRamp Safe Haven®

    LiveRamp Safe Haven®

    Our identity resolution process operates in a certified environment with technical, operational, and personnel controls designed to ensure the ethical use of data.

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