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Launching Authenticated Traffic Solution to Democratize People-Based Identity for Publishers

  • - Scott Howe
  • 2 min read

The publishing business has changed tremendously in the last decade. Readership patterns, and degraded business models have disintermediated many publishers from their readers. The effects of these changes are currently amplified by poorly crafted legislation, unilateral policy changes by browsers, and consumer engagement shifting to new formats.

We believe it is every publisher’s right to maintain a direct, trusted relationship with their readers in order to operate their business.

Readers also have the right to engage with publishers in a mutually agreeable exchange. Leading publishers are experimenting with the types of exchanges that work for different readers. These can take the form of monetary subscriptions, free registration, and other creative formats.

Publishers and readers are innovating a path to a new relationship where readers can access the content they want and publishers can maintain sustainable business models that fund the development of high-quality content.

To support this innovation, we’re launching Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) for publishers. This new capability expands our commitment to creating an open and collaborative ecosystem that supports the future of how readers and publishers engage, while removing dependence on any single technology provider.

What is Authenticated Traffic Solution?

ATS provides a safe and transparent solution rooted in reader authentication with publishers. ATS provides visibility and control for readers and delivers enhanced addressability of audiences for publishers.

How it Works

Our Authentication Traffic Solutions (ATS) allows publishers to match consented user data with a RampID in real time, which enables people-based advertising  on authenticated, cookieless inventory across the open internet.

ATS provides enhanced user privacy by offering control over how their data is being used with a single opt-out that applies to platforms and publishers that leverage RampID.

The publisher’s benefits of using ATS include:

  • Support of innovative and privacy-centric reader engagement models
  • Increased audience addressability in cookieless environments
  • Increased advertiser demand while maintaining a responsive user experience

Impact on the Industry

If this all sounds familiar, you’re not wrong. We’ve championed the movement towards an open and scaled identity solution for the last few years and have launched multiple, complementary efforts: the Advertising ID Consortium, embedding RampID into the bidstream, launching the Open Internet Measurement Initiative, and now expanding that to include cookieless ad inventory with ATS. These initiatives all work together to offer publishers and their technology partners a path to sustainable business models.

At the end of the day, we want a level playing field for every platform, marketer, and publisher – with consumer privacy at the very center. But we need to work together as an industry to bring this future vision a little closer.

Interested in learning more about how publishers can leverage the Authenticated Traffic Solution? Contact us at [email protected]