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X-Mode works with app developers and data buyers to offer the highest quality location data that meets all current regulatory standards including the GDPR and CCPA.

With one of the most accurate location data panels in the industry, X-Mode receives the majority of its data directly from mobile app publishers through its proprietary location-based SDK. With over 300 apps on its platform, X-Mode licenses a high accuracy (70% accurate within 20 meters), dense data panel that includes mobility metrics (speed, bearing, altitude, vertical accuracy), near real-time GPS, and other detection capabilities (IoT, Wi-Fi, and Beacon).

X-Mode provides this anonymized user panel to hundreds of clients across multiple industries including Mapping and Location Services, AdTech, MarTech, FinTech, Smart Cities, Real Estate and InsurTech. Get in touch to learn more about this partnership and how quality data can improve your targeting efforts.

iWe offer a range of distribution and destination capabilities to enable activation, measurement, insights, and reporting. These partner categories have been assigned to a certification program, which are audited on a bi-annual basis.

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