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Many buyers prefer to target specific people and audiences instead of cookie-based identifiers. Buyers are familiar with targeting these types of audiences but, historically, buyers have only been able to run these people-based campaigns on walled-garden style platforms. RampID via the IX Library unlocks the ability to target people-based audiences for the real-time, trusted web. People-based identifiers, such as RampID, promote custom audience-style buying, where buyers have lists of users they want to target. But in the past this has been difficult to achieve due to a lack of scale (enough publisher supply eligible to run these campaigns). The LiveRamp Real-Time Identity adapter solves this scale challenge, and reduces reliance on brittle, cookie-based match tables, where spend is limited to users whom both IX and a DSP have matched on. People-based identifiers, like RampID, degrade much slower than cookie-based solutions because RampID is not affected as frequently by cookie deletion and applies across all devices.

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