LiveRamp Podcast

Episode 13, March 23, 2021

Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud

Defining Second-Party Data in the Era of Consent

In This Episode

Vihan Sharma, Managing Director, Europe, LiveRamp, and Bruce Biegel, Senior Managing Partner, Winterberry Group, discuss the state of second-party partnerships and how companies can set themselves up to use data partnerships to deliver better customer experiences. To learn more about how to jump-start a data collaboration strategy, register for our webinar.

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About the Host, Daniella Harkins

Daniella Harkins is General Manager of Strategic Media Alliances at LiveRamp where she focuses on deepening relationships with strategic partners, agencies, media companies, and brands. In her role, Daniella works with executives across the adtech ecosystem to galvanize growth by leveraging connected data and identity. She built her career working with clients at the intersection of data, technology, and creative.

Prior to joining LiveRamp, Daniella was VP, Strategic Solutions at Verve, where she built programmatic and data partnerships to power mobile solutions for Verve’s clients. Daniella also held multiple executive roles at Acxiom.

Her passion and curiosity about how to improve marketing efficiency while enhancing the consumer experience has been the core driver in her career. Daniella holds a BA in French from Temple University and an MBA from St John’s University Rome.