The Future of Data Collaboration in Retail

In an increasingly competitive marketplace retailers face more demand for personalized experiences, in-store and online, and shortened time-to-value when cultivating partnerships.

Deepen shopper intelligence

Upleveling your data strategy means you can expand your access to data and connect relevant data sources, whether that’s breaking down internal silos or partnering with third parties. Enhance your customer view -to drive better decisions and improve reaction time.

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Measure lifetime value and strengthen customer loyalty

Using shopping behavior more effectively to improve reach and drive better experiences will build long-term relationships and strengthen loyalty from high-value customers. Learn more about measuring marketing more effectively.

LiveRamp will be a critical accelerator of Carrefour’s transformation into an industry-leading data-driven retailer. We are excited by our partnership with LiveRamp, working together to deliver robust new consumer insights and capabilities to hundreds of our CPG partners on a global scale."
Elodie Perthuisot,
Executive Director E-Commerce, Data and Digital Transformation
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Collaborate with CPG partners

Leveraging a secure environment that allows you to maintain control over your data at all times gives you the freedom and flexibility to collaborate with more partners with more peace of mind.

The use of Carrefour Links has really helped us step change the way we work with Carrefour, enabling us to better uncover shopper insights and create demand through targeted activities. It allowed us to jointly grow our business.
Unilever logo Alan Jope, CEO, Unilever

Achieve True Retail Transformation

Gain competitive advantage through media partnerships and retail advertising that can expand your cross-channel marketing and measurement while helping drive incremental revenue for your organization.

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Find out how you can maximize the value from data and strengthen customer relationships.

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