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Build an Advertising Future Prepared for Cookie Deprecation

With third-party cookie deprecation and signal loss, now is the time to take action.

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Cookies have been a staple in the adtech universe since the mid-1990s, and soon Google Chrome will join the likes of other browsers in eliminating third-party cookies altogether. But it’s not just cookie deprecation that is contributing to signal loss. Sweeping privacy legislation is impacting how data can be collected. Also, consumer behavior is now cross-device and cross-platform, making it harder to track and connect customer journeys.

Build a Sustainable Plan for Signal Loss

Brands, agencies, and publishers want to mitigate the negative impact of cookie deprecation and signal loss on client experiences, measurement and reporting, marketing ROI, and more. The good news is, LiveRamp works with customers and partners to resolve these issues across the ecosystem every day. Here’s how we can help:

  • Improve addressability in cookieless browsers such as Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge and across new channels such as CTV

  • Enable accessible inventory and wide use with the Authenticated Traffic Solution, which has a proven track record in the industry with broad adoption in 22 different markets and 16,000 publisher domains

  • Develop a privacy-centric approach that keeps consumers and security at the forefront with LiveRamp RampID. With more than 92% of consumer time spent online with integrated platforms, LiveRamp solutions enable global addressability without the need for third-party cookies, mobile device IDs, or IP addresses

  • Establish scale and flexibility across the marketing ecosystem, mitigating signal loss and accounting for 100% third-party cookie deprecation in the second half of this year

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