A data collaboration platform that powers growth through connection

LiveRamp’s enterprise platform lets you access data from multiple sources, safely transform it into a connected customer view, and activate at scale.

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Access data from anywhere so it can be used everywhere

Back-end interoperability provides the flexibility to interact with different data sets across identity spaces, platforms, and marketplaces. Work with any platform or data provider of your choosing without lock-in.

  • Portability provides easy transfer of datasets from one platform to another
  • Standards allow for enhanced competitive compatibility and technological innovation

Manage data assets in a safe and secure way

Leverage advanced technologies and sophisticated processes to reduce data movement and mitigate the risk of re-identification. Our policies and commitment to privacy-by design principles provide you with continuous control over your customer data.


Move beyond data to actionable intelligence

LiveRamp offers hundreds of pre-built and API-based integrations with the most popular tools and widely-used publisher platforms. Easily turn your insights into action by enabling real-time data activation across marketing, analytics, customer service, and data management systems.

Measure and optimize data to deliver business outcomes

Find new customers and improve returns on advertising spend at scale by discovering new audience segments, unlocking new data-driven channels, and measuring campaign performance across platforms as well as offline and online channels.

For the first time now, working with LiveRamp, we're now able to collaborate with a brand, obviously with the foundation of privacy coming first and being able to share deterministic first-party data in that environment.
Kemal Bokhari, Head of Data, Measurement, & Analytics, DISH Media Dish logo
One of the biggest reasons we felt like LiveRamp was the best solution for us is the scale. LiveRamp is one of the most robust identity solutions in the market and they go above and beyond with consent, which really aligns with our views on customer privacy. LiveRamp has hundreds of relationships with data sellers, so that has really unlocked some partnerships for us.
Katie Bell, Manager, US Marketing, Customer Data Science, McDonald’s

Solutions built for your needs


Orchestrate marketing magic.

LiveRamp helps you build the foundation for an infinite number of superior customer experiences with cleaner datasets and turnkey campaign activation and measurement.

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Data Analytics

Uncover insights, prove impact.

LiveRamp helps you remove common barriers to data management and measurement to gain more valuable insights and make better decisions.

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Information Security

Data protection that stays up to code.

LiveRamp’s platform is built with privacy and security in mind, and is used by global teams with the assurance that use cases enabled by LiveRamp are compliant with all major privacy legislation.

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Privacy & Legal

Enable growth while minimizing risk.

LiveRamp’s platform is used by global teams with the assurance that the use cases we enable adhere to all major privacy regulations while promoting innovation.

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Innovative APIs for all your needs.
Discover new ways to better connect, control, and activate data to transform customer experiences and generate more valuable business outcomes with LiveRamp’s APIs.

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