RampUp 2024 Wrapped

Discover inspiring ideas, insights, and opportunities with data collaboration.

The world’s most innovative brands made it clear: data collaboration is your competitive advantage.

  • Collaborate or get left behind

    Discover best practices for mitigating signal loss, how to unlock new partnership opportunities, and why data collaboration is imperative to gaining a competitive edge in 2024 and beyond.

  • Drive responsible signal gain

    Are you leading your customers to the future or following them there? Get a look inside visionary playbooks from companies using data collaboration to drive business and brand value while protecting privacy and trust.

  • Unlock cross-cloud collaboration

    Learn more about LiveRamp's enhanced interoperable infrastructure. For the first time, brands can connect data across clouds and clean rooms with simplicity and scale, connecting the dots across AWS, Google Cloud, Snowflake, and now Azure and Databricks.

RampUp 2024 By the Numbers

2,000 + marketing and tech leaders
100 + speakers
45 + sessions and showcases
The sheer opportunity to think about the individual and their experiences and what they do is the basis of collaboration today – that’s what’s most exciting to me.
Mike Petrella / Managing Director, Strategic Partnerships, United MileagePlus
Data collaboration is doing three meaningful things. It’s improving shopper experience and engagement, which leads to loyalty for Sam’s Club. Second, it increases ad spend efficiency, leading to deeper insights about our consumer behavior. Third, it helps us achieve more holistic measurement which would not have been possible in the past.
Soyeong Park / Head of Measurement Insights and Data Strategy, Sam’s Club
What LiveRamp does works...Being able to reconcile all of our off-site digital ad touchpoints back to a core identity is huge for us. We’re getting a lot of excitement in the organization about resolving to a core identifier instead of having a disparate set of data.
Paul Bloom / Senior Product Manager, Indeed
Now that we’ve built this amazing data asset that’s a comprehensive, single view of the NBA fan across all these different touchpoints, what other opportunities could that create both from a fan experience perspective but also to enhance the businesses of our partners and our joint efforts?
Matt Wolf / Chief Data & Analytics Officer, NBA
We've got the biggest supermarket brand in Australia [achieving] 3,000% increase in spend through programmatic channels with us because they're able to get that fidelity of the signal through LiveRamp.
Paul Blackburn / Director of Commercial Data, Video & Product