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Kimberly-Clark and Mindshare Rebuild Data Foundations and Analytics on Safe Haven

Faced with losing data access while trying to ramp up large analytic queries in the cloud, Kimberly-Clark found itself at a crossroads with its existing technology investments. Together with Mindshare, the global CPG charted a new, future-ready path forward for privacy-conscious data collaboration through LiveRamp Safe Haven.

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Danone Increases Addressable Reach by 34% and E-Commerce Sales by 17%

Danone collaborated with retail partners to uncover new audience insights, shifting its approach to media and strengthening the team.

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ThirdLove Proves TV Investment Delivers Value

ThirdLove witnessed an incredible 60% incremental lift on search conversion behavior for its holiday TV campaign. Read how ThirdLove used LiveRamp to accurately measure and prove the value of its TV advertising.

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It doesn’t matter how much data we have. The information that comes from that data is siloed within the use of Avocados. But when you combine that data with retailer data, which is abundant, now you know the behavior of your consumer within a very, very relevant space. LiveRamp has the capabilities and the expertise and the technology to take us there.
Ivonne Kinser VP, Marketing and Innovation, Avocados From Mexico
One of the biggest reasons we felt like LiveRamp was the best solution for us is the scale. LiveRamp is one of the most robust identity solutions in the market and they go above and beyond with consent, which really aligns with our views on customer privacy. LiveRamp has hundreds of relationships with data providers, so that has really unlocked some partnerships for us.
Katie Bell, Manager, US Marketing, Customer Data Science, McDonald’s
LiveRamp is a great partner for Synchrony. It helps us to, in a safe and sound way, understand our data. It enables capabilities like data collaboration, safety and soundness in our ability to onboard data in a non-PII, non-CII way, the ability to connect audiences to relevancy through listeners and attributes. Very, very powerful part of our ecosystem in terms of matching our data to an audience to an end result.
Lauri Vela, SVP Performance Marketing Omni-Channel, Synchrony

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