LiveRamp for Snowflake

LiveRamp and Snowflake’s partnership supports expansive, scalable data infrastructure in the cloud.

Snowflake Data Cloud

Snowflake eliminates data silos and simplifies data architectures so you can get more value from your data by connecting more workloads, users, and use cases.

With Snowflake and LiveRamp, you can understand and engage customers with precision, safety, and enhanced reach – all while protecting sensitive audience attributes and identifiers.

LiveRamp’s managed and client-embedded solutions help marketers and data engineers connect audiences across the growing portfolio of Snowflake services. Native integrations provide a foundational enterprise identity for stronger marketing, modeling, and performance optimization.

Lisa Cramer, Head of Embedded Products at LiveRamp, explains how her company has taken advantage of Snowflake’s Native Application Framework to create a secure way for companies to share data about customers.

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Popular Marketing Use Cases for LiveRamp with Snowflake

Enhance Customer and Prospect Reach using Live/Connectivity and Live/Identity

Live/Identity directly embeds alongside Snowflake warehouses and clean rooms for easy, consistent audience engagement and measurement.

Integrated Live/Connectivity technology provides person-centered and household-centered campaign connections to hundreds of additional media and measurement partners, enabling broad activation strategies across programmatic, social, walled garden, and TV/CTV destinations.

Optimize Cross-Channel Media

Live/Identity and Live/Insights portfolios consolidate complex media logs and performance reports with secure pseudonymous identifiers. Reveal hidden data connections to accelerate cross-channel performance measurement, campaign incrementality, and journey-based affinities.

Easily discover additional insights in Snowflake: visualize insights with BI and reporting, process location data with geospatial analytics, and forecast time-series data with ML-based Snowflake Cortex functions. Together, LiveRamp and Snowflake enable powerful customer segmentation, scoring, and personalization.

Deepen Partner Data Collaboration

LiveRamp’s pseudonymous identity translation creates optimized match keys for multi-partner data sets accessed through Snowflake Secure Data Sharing, supporting greater data connectivity and analytic accuracy from the enhanced match characteristics of Live/Identity technologies.

Accelerate Artificial Intelligence Modeling

Live/Identity consolidates permissible and pseudonymous behavioral signals with LiveRamp’s non-reversible pseudonymous identifiers. This accelerates the production of accurate and safe data sets for customer modeling, and ensures Snowflake’s Cortex AI and Snowpark ML solutions have the richest sources of inputs without putting customer or prospect data privacy at risk.


  • Reaching more than 600 partner destinations across CTV, premium publishers, social platforms, and other programmatic sites

  • Resolve offline and online data sources at scale while protecting personal information with identity match and identity resolution services

  • Join diverse data sets in secure analytic environments or clean rooms by translating LiveRamp data keys between partners

  • Protect consumer data and safely use it without the need to exchange device identifiers

  • Allow all teams to self serve and easily manage their audience segments directly in Snowflake with marketer-specific user interfaces