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Winterberry Report: Demystifying the Data Layer: The Transformation of Marketing Data Infrastructure

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Discover how martech leaders are enriching customer intelligence and activation with data collaboration

Your martech stack is only as effective as the foundation it’s built on – and that foundation is customer data.

So how do you ensure your data house is in order – and includes the right intelligence and activation layers to power strategic decisions and reach your most valuable prospects?

Winterberry’s new report, Demystifying the Data Layer: The Transformation of Marketing Data Infrastructure, explores the market outlook shaping our omnichannel age of marketing, investigates headwinds from signal loss and privacy regulation, and provides actionable strategies for marketing leaders to: 

  • Optimize privacy-centric performance across cloud-based environments
  • Enrich customer insights and personalization capabilities by enhancing first-party data with second- and third-party data from relevant partners
  • Unlock privacy-centric audience targeting and measurement within and across brands and publishers using data clean rooms

Access network diagrams, brand data layer architecture examples, and the top marketing data layer use cases in this in-depth report informed by expert surveys and interviews with leaders in advertising, marketing, publishing, regulatory, and legal.