LiveRamp for Google Cloud Platform

Uncover new ways to collaborate in the cloud with Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

LiveRamp has been named a 2024 Google Cloud “Industry Solutions – Technology: Retail” Partner of the Year award winner. This award recognizes LiveRamp’s ability to create industry-leading solutions and standout customer experiences in partnership with Google’s products and services.

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Google Cloud brings together innovations and infrastructure from across Google to help customers collaborate effectively, drive digital transformation, and uncover insights that accelerate innovation.

With GCP and LiveRamp, you can understand and engage your customers with precision, safety, and enhanced reach – all while protecting sensitive audience attributes and identifiers.

LiveRamp’s managed and client-embedded solutions help marketers connect audiences over the growing portfolio of GCP services. Native integrations across GCP data pipelines provide a foundational enterprise identity for stronger marketing, modeling, and performance optimization.

LiveRamp’s solution portfolios integrate and extend core GCP data infrastructure, putting flexible customization in your hands:

Popular Marketing Use Cases for LiveRamp with GCP

Enhance Customer and Prospect Reach using Live/Connections and Live/Identity

Live/Identity directly embeds alongside Google Ads and Google ADH for easy, consistent audience engagement and measurement.

LiveRamp Activation APIs – along with LiveRamp’s Data Collaboration Clean Room Activation solution – provide person-centered and household-centered campaign connections to hundreds of additional media and measurement partners, enabling broad activation strategies across programmatic, social, walled garden, and TV/CTV destinations.

Optimize Cross-Channel Media on GCP

Live/Identity and Live/Insights portfolios consolidate complex media logs and performance reports with secure pseudonymous identifiers. Reveal hidden data connections to accelerate cross-channel performance measurement, campaign incrementality, and journey-based affinities.

Analysts can easily discover additional insights using Google’s BigQuery, including customer segmentation, scoring, and personalization. Quickly create marketing reports with Google’s Looker Studio, a business intelligence service that makes it easy to create and share data visualizations.

Improve Partner Data Collaboration

LiveRamp’s pseudonymous identity translation creates optimized match keys for multi-partner data sets in Google Analytics Hub, supporting greater data connectivity and analytic accuracy from the enhanced match characteristics of Live/Identity technologies.

Accelerate Artificial Intelligence Modeling

Live/Identity consolidates permissible and pseudonymous behavioral signals with LiveRamp’s non-reversible pseudonymous identifiers. This accelerates the production of accurate and safe data sets for customer modeling and ensures Google’s Vertex AI and Generative AI solutions have the richest sources of inputs without putting customer or prospect data privacy at risk.

Create Stronger Customer Identity Graphs with Enterprise IDs and BigQuery

LiveRamp’s Embedded Identity Resolution and Translation solutions produce unifying brand-specific enterprise IDs that enhance profile accuracy.

People-based Live/Identity unifies both personal and device identifiers from LiveRamp’s industry-leading knowledge graph. LiveRamp’s native solutions process data within the client’s own GCP account using BigQuery SQL, supporting your brand’s own data governance policies.

Integrate Authenticated Audiences for Cross-Channel Addressability

LiveRamp ATS is a web-integrated solution that provides Live/Identity on authenticated event streams, improving addressability for your most important audiences and helping to connect personal brand engagement with media influence and top-of-funnel growth programs.

By integrating with Google Datastreams, marketers can create a scalable streaming data platform to understand real-time behaviors from a variety of sources such as website clickstreams, application logs, and social media feeds.

We’re proud to announce LiveRamp as a 2024 Google Cloud Partner Award winner and recognize their achievements enabling customer success from the past year.

Kevin Ichhpurani Corporate Vice President, Global Ecosystem and Channels at Google Cloud