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We understand if you wish to opt out of LiveRamp

With LiveRamp, you have several choices to control the collection and use of your personal information. Use our tools below to opt out of LiveRamp. If you have any trouble opting out, please contact the US Privacy team

Universal Opt Outs

Opt Out of All LiveRamp Products via Email Address >

Opt Out of LiveRamp’s Third Party Cookie >

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Opt Out of LiveRamp’s Mobile Identifier >

United States

For more information about your rights, please see our Product and Service Notice. To exercise your rights, see
Your Privacy Choices Opt-Out Icon.

Asia Pacific Countries (except Australia)

To exercise your right to opt out of LiveRamp’s processing or to exercise additional data subject rights, please email [email protected].


To exercise your right to opt out of LiveRamp’s processing or to access the information LiveRamp has about you, please submit a request using this form.


To exercise your right to opt out of LiveRamp’s processing or to access the information LiveRamp has about you, please submit a request here.

EU Data Subjects / Personnes concernées par l’UE

In some cases LiveRamp, Inc. may be the data controller for personal data of EU data subjects, and, in such cases, the processing activities and data subject rights are set out in our EU privacy notices and through which you may exercise your rights under the GDPR here:

Please note that if you wish to opt out of all LiveRamp cookies, you can exercise the Universal Opt out option (link above)


To exercise your right to opt out of LiveRamp’s processing or to access the information LiveRamp has about you, please submit a request here.

Commonly asked questions

How do cookie opt outs work?

When you opt out of LiveRamp cookies, we place an opt out cookie on your web browser, on our advertising domain that indicates you have chosen to opt out. This cookie tells web sites using our solutions to not personalize the online ads you see. If you buy a new computer, upgrade or change your web browser, or delete this opt out cookie by clearing your browser files, you will need to perform this process again.

LiveRamp is a member of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) and Digital Advertising Alliance Canada (DAAC) and adheres to the DAA Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising and Multi-Site Data, as well as related guidance. LiveRamp subscribes to the DAA’s industry-wide cookie opt out mechanism that can be found here and its mobile device ID opt out available through its AppChoices app. Consumers who choose to opt out through these DAA mechanisms do not need to opt out of the equivalent mechanism with LiveRamp.

Keep in mind that opting out of LiveRamp through our opt out channels or through the DAA does not disable advertisements altogether. Instead, opting out means that LiveRamp services will no longer be used to facilitate targeted advertising to your browser, device, or email address. In other words, you will still see advertisements and receive email marketing, but they will be less relevant to you

If you create a new email address, reset the mobile advertising ID on your device, or use a new browser, you will need to apply the appropriate opt out to that new email address, new device ID, and/or new browser as opt outs are not necessarily transferred between email addresses, browsers, or devices.

You may also want to change the cookie management settings on your web browser and you can opt out of interest based ads within your device itself.

What does the “opt out of all LiveRamp products” do?

This opt out prevents LiveRamp from using, selling, or disclosing personal data for which LiveRamp is a controller. Because this opt out relies on an email address, you should submit any active email addresses so that we can ensure comprehensive suppression of your devices in our system. Please note that LiveRamp does not retain your email addresses in human-readable form and that this opt out could take up to 48 hours to take effect.

What about Joint Household and IP Address Requests?

Joint Household and IP Address Requests: LiveRamp does not maintain aggregate household data that we can link back to a single household. If you would like to make a request for everyone in your household or every device on a particular IP address, please submit an Opt Out for every email address used by each household member.

Why do you require my email address?

We store a hashed version of your email address as a representation of your opt out request so that we can map your request to all the advertising identifiers we have associated with that representation in our system. This ensures we can suppress your information from use for targeted advertising once you submit your opt out request. For our suppression map to be comprehensive and effective, we do need to retain a hashed version of all of your active email addresses. Please note that the email addresses you provide are only used for suppression and are not stored in human-readable form. However, if you do not feel comfortable providing your email addresses to us, you can still opt out of LiveRamp cookies using our cookie opt out mechanism, without accessing our comprehensive opt out feature.

How do I opt out of other third-party ad networks?

To opt out of third-party ad networks (including ones that we work with and may have transferred data to in the past), we also recommend visiting the opt out pages for the DAA’s AboutAds program.

Why are there different opt outs for LiveRamp and Data Plus Math?

Over the years, as LiveRamp grew as a company, we have acquired others – such as Data Plus Math – and their proprietary technologies. These technologies support our ability to deliver services to our clients, but still operate via separate methodologies and, as such, require separate opt out mechanisms.

What happens when I opt out of LiveRamp mobile services?

When you opt your mobile device out of LiveRamp, LiveRamp will cease using your device in products and services, including advertiser-client workflows that result in sending personalized or interest-based ads tied to your mobile device identifier. This affects the advertisements you would see in native apps on your device.

Why do you need my email address for a mobile device opt out?

We store your email address in order to permanently avoid collecting any additional information about that email from any customers we have in the future. If you don’t feel comfortable providing your email address to us, you can still opt out for your mobile device specifically, without accessing our permanent opt out feature.

Do you have device specific opt outs?

You may opt out a mobile device here. You will need to search the internet or device settings on the device to learn how to find your device ID and provide that Device ID in the appropriate opt out field. 

If I opt out of targeted ads, through the above sites, will I still see online ads?

Yes, you will still see ads online if you opt out of targeted advertising, because most online content is supported by advertising, rather than by direct payments from viewers. However, if you opt out, such as through the DAA opt out page, the ads you see will generally not be tied to any multi-site behavioral data, and are more likely to be “contextual” based simply on the website you are viewing.

More Information

For information about exercising your privacy rights and choices, please review our Data Privacy Portal.