• Measurement Services

Do you know if your marketing is working?

Measurement services give you the visibility to drive true ROI for your marketing programs and business.

Let Data Drive Your Story.

Measurement services from LiveRamp offer solutions to ensure you have visibility into the data that drives your success and proves your impact. Here are just a few areas we can help:

  • Develop a Foundation

    If you are at a standstill, struggling to validate your overall media strategy, we can help! We will work with you to help redefine key performance indicators (KPIs), provide audits for measurement feasibility, and help you define a measurement plan and strategy to move forward.

  • Build a Feedback Loop

    Are you manually pulling reports or struggling to decipher data that lives in disconnected or antiquated systems? Imagine receiving automated, timely reports and insights that allow you to make informed, actionable decisions - using your data across a variety of analytic environments. We’ll set up a regular feedback loop that delivers intelligence across the company and signals where to best spend your marketing dollars.

  • Grow Your Analytics Expertise

    You’ve invested in LiveRamp and have a dedicated marketing or analytics team to manage your data. But are you leveraging your software investment, in conjunction with internal enterprise systems, to uncover the full insights that are available? We’ll create blueprints and work hand-in-hand with your team to set you up for self-sufficiency while helping you unlock all of your data insights using industry-best practices.

  • Extend Your Technical Team

    Need a technical expert on-the-ready? Allow us to be an extension of your analytics team. Our LiveRamp data scientists work with the world's biggest brands to bring their data to life. We can help you optimize the data you have, identify what you’re missing and need, and offer best-of-class solutions to drive predictable analysis and outcomes to help you realize your goals.

  • Platform Agnostic Approach

    While LiveRamp’s platform is second to none, our services team can deliver these types of services across a variety of analytic environments, both inside and outside of LiveRamp’s platform. Let us help you establish a measurement process in places it makes the most sense to run your business.

Translate Your Data to Results

Once you’ve determined how to measure your data, LiveRamp’s analytics team can help design, develop, and deliver any combination of customized reports, so you can turn your insights into actions, for example:

Audience Profiling

Improve your audience targeting with a visual report of household demographics – i.e. median income, age groups, number of children, etc.

High Value Actions

Understand who’s engaging your campaigns with a visual representation of top performing accounts by marketing channel, content type and more.

Media Influenced Health

Learn what media outlets are impacting buying behavior with a report showing accounts reached, potential revenue, won/closed revenue and ROI.

KPI Summary and Overview

Get an executive overview of campaign metrics and how they perform against key KPI’s and business objectives over a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Get Started with Measurement Services

Discover how to get more value out of your data and measure any outcome with our measurement services from LiveRamp. Reach out to your account team to learn more.

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