Addressable Audiences for Media Publishers Across the Ecosystem

Whether you have media properties online, in-app, Connected TV (CTV), LiveRamp’s solutions can unify and power your activation, measurement, and data collaboration strategies to make every ad impression addressable and accountable.

Increase audience monetization and yield through people-based inventory

Audience monetization has become more challenging in the face of third-party cookies and other device ID restrictions. LiveRamp enables your viewers to authenticate their identity, creating premium first-party audiences at scale that you can then monetize.

Connect and Collaborate

Safely connect data to accurately measure ROI through reach and frequency, closed-loop measurement, collaborative analytics, plus other advanced applications.

“Together with LiveRamp, we are putting power back in the hands of publishers. We’re enabling our thousands of media brands to grow revenue by activating first-party data in a safe and privacy-centric manner without having to worry about data leakage.”

Quantify Business Outcomes

Measure online and offline business outcomes, including product sales, application installs, and web visits. This means every advertising dollar spent is accountable to business outcomes, giving you the flexibility to entertain new currencies powered by dynamic metrics.

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Privacy-First, Sustainable Identity

LiveRamp helps you navigate and prepare for data privacy adherence while still building a sustainable business model. Our platform’s activation, measurement, and collaboration capabilities are powered by RampID, ensuring that every touch point is privacy-first, secure, sustainable, and scalable.

LiveRamp is key in helping Fox Corp provide innovative solutions, including a smooth transition to addressable activation in the linear television space.
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LiveRamp TV’s secure and permission-based data collaboration solution allows DISH Media to provide brands unprecedented insights with uncompromising data privacy protections, as well as the ability to quantify results based on ad exposures across screens.
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