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Orchestrate marketing magic

Build the foundation for an infinite number of superior customer experiences with cleaner datasets and turnkey campaign activation and measurement.

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Your one-stop shop for marketing execution

Build a single view of your customers and execute more efficient and effective campaigns on our platform.

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Stay up to code—always

Our platform is used by global teams with the assurance that use cases enabled by LiveRamp are compliant with all major privacy legislation.

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Clean, enriched data sets

Empower marketers to build higher performing segments through identity resolution and access to a vetted marketplace of privacy-compliant data.

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Augment your tech stack ROI

With direct integrations with 600+ technology platforms and data providers, LiveRamp boosts the value of your existing mar tech investments and speeds time to value for new additions.

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Discover solutions to do more with data

Customer data resolution

Channel diversification

Measurement enablement

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