Maximizing Mobile Ad Success: the Nimbus and LiveRamp Authenticated Traffic Solution Strategy

Nimbus transforms mobile advertising with LiveRamp Authenticated Traffic Solution, boosting engagement and revenue across platforms.

129.97 % Android eCPM uplift
115.65 % iOS eCPM uplift


Company Size

11-50 employees



Use Cases

Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS)
Publishers and Platforms

129.97 % Android eCPM uplift
115.65 % iOS eCPM uplift

In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile in-app advertising, publishers face the constant challenge of optimizing revenue while providing a seamless user experience. Enter Nimbus, an ad platform that combines the industry’s most competitive programmatic auction with the most comprehensive reporting available from any partner on the market. The partnership between Nimbus and LiveRamp showcases how this collaboration has revolutionized mobile advertising for publishers across the industry.

The Challenge

Publishers need a way to leverage user data effectively and responsibly to deliver personalized ads without compromising privacy. In addition, publishers need a solution to navigate the complexities of device and platform fragmentation and facilitate privacy-conscious, seamless sharing of data across ecosystems.

The Solution

Nimbus partnered with LiveRamp to connect authenticated user data via LiveRamp Authenticated Traffic Solution and RampID, the most durable, privacy-centric identifier for connecting the digital and martech ecosystem. This makes it possible to deliver ads that are relevant to users, thus enhancing engagement and ultimately driving higher eCPMs and revenue. With Nimbus and LiveRamp, publishers can offer a privacy-conscious exchange of personalized ad experiences to users while maximizing revenue by connecting to brand data.

Nimbus’ platform allows publishers to easily integrate LiveRamp's Authenticated Traffic Solution which has shown substantial results for our publishers and for the Nimbus Exchange.

David Leviev VP Programmatic Product Development / Co-Founder, Nimbus

The Results

Nimbus and LiveRamp Authenticated Traffic Solution have delivered remarkable results for publishers:

  1. Overall Revenue Uplift:
    Data aggregated from all apps on Nimbus Exchange revealed an impressive eCPM lift of 115.65% on iOS.* Multiple publishers saw significant lift on Android on LiveRamp Authenticated Traffic Solution-enabled impressions
  2. Cross-Platform Success:
    The Nimbus Exchange’s impact transcends platforms, with both Android and iOS apps experiencing significant eCPM improvements with LiveRamp Authenticated Traffic Solution-enabled impressions. This cross-platform effectiveness underscores the versatility of RampID and the ability to boost revenue regardless of operating system.
  3. Real-Time Data Insights:
    Nimbus Exchange’s real-time impression tracking system empowers publishers with actionable insights. Publishers can use the Nimbus dashboard to know exactly how much money they’re making every day. It provides transparent revenue data from every demand partner in real time.

App-Specific Success Stories:

Increasing monetization on iOS

One of the top entertainment app publishers in the world with more than 225 million all-time downloads saw a remarkable eCPM lift of over 200% for their authenticated iOS inventory after implementing LiveRamp Authenticated Traffic Solution – including 213% on display and 180% on video*.

Trebel: Optimizing Revenue on Android

On-demand music platform Trebel achieved an eCPM lift of 129.07% on their authenticated Android inventory*.

*All stats referenced are from October 2023 data via the Nimbus Exchange

In the competitive world of mobile in-app advertising, Nimbus and LiveRamp are the partners you can rely on to maximize revenue potential while delivering top-notch ad experiences – from individual app victories to collective revenue uplift

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