LiveRamp for Amazon Web Services

Discover how LiveRamp powers marketing innovation on AWS.

LiveRamp has been named 2023 Partner of the Year – Advertising and Marketing. The Geo and Global AWS Partner Awards recognize a wide range of AWS Partners, whose business models have embraced specialization, innovation, and cooperation over the past year.

Partner of the Year


AWS Advertising and Marketing brings together a comprehensive set of purpose-built native Services, Solutions, and Partner offerings like LiveRamp to help customers innovate faster, operate efficiently, and interoperate together.

With AWS and LiveRamp, you can understand and engage customers with precision, safety and enhanced reach.

LiveRamp’s AWS native identity solutions enable brand marketers, agencies, data and tech providers to extend and enhance their cloud infrastructure, helping you unlock data and understand the entirety of the customer journey. Deployed within your AWS cloud environment and flexibly integrated across a breadth of AWS services, these solutions deliver enhanced performance while allowing you to maximize control and privacy of your data.

LiveRamp’s embedded identity resolution and translation services integrate across the growing catalog of AWS solutions for marketing and advertising use cases. For more details, see our solution documentation.

Navigating the Marketing Maze: Signal Loss, Measurement, and the Cloud Embedded Advantage


The marketing landscape is rapidly shifting, with signal loss and data privacy restrictions posing significant challenges and opportunities. In this RampUp 2024 session, industry experts from Washington Post, Indeed,, and AWS discuss how they navigate this evolving terrain and their embedded (or integrated) identity approach.

LiveRamp’s integration with AWS Entity Resolution is an exciting marketing enhancement that will enable us to bring experiences to our audiences in a data-driven way.

Josh Peters Head of Global Commercial Data Strategy, Partnerships, and Governance, Washington Post

Popular Marketing Use Cases for LiveRamp with AWS

Unify Cross-Channel Media Performance Measurement

LiveRamp Identity combines with powerful AWS analytic services like Amazon Athena and Amazon QuickSight.

Consolidate complex media logs and performance reports with linked pseudonymous audience identifiers.

Unlock data connections to provide cross-channel performance measurement, campaign incrementality, and journey-based affinities.

Build Out a Customer 360 View

LiveRamp Identity integrates natively with AWS S3, AWS Redshift Data Warehouse, and AWS Entity Resolution.

LiveRamp’s ADX solutions allow data teams to resolve customer touchpoints or audience files within AWS S3 and output the corresponding LiveRamp RampID – without having to process or move data from the cloud environment.

Strengthen and enhance governance by minimizing data movement and leveraging an optimized, pseudonymous digital identifier for measurement, analytics, and collaboration.

Enable Privacy-Driven Data Collaboration

Unlock privacy-conscious partner collaborations in your cloud environment or within AWS Clean Rooms with pre-built integrations.

Easily resolve data to LiveRamp RampID within AWS, where it can be leveraged as the optimized match key for multi-partner data sets, supporting greater data connectivity and analytic accuracy due to the longitudinal and multidimensional match characteristics of LiveRamp identity graph technologies.

Expand and Optimize Programmatic Activation

Orchestrate marketing and advertising data workflows within AWS, such as resolving data to LiveRamp RampID.

Activate audiences through LiveRamp out to 500 turnkey destinations across the digital ecosystem, mobile, and CTV.

Enable Media Measurement and Activation with Amazon Ads

Enable a seamless end-to-end workflow to connect your first- and third-party data in AWS with Amazon Ads services.

Enhance Amazon marketing with LiveRamp RampID, from measuring campaign performance on Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) to activating brand-specific audiences within Amazon DSP.

Accelerate AI

LiveRamp Identity unifies diverse customer event streams, speeding the production of accurate behavioral data sets for customer modeling, while ensuring Amazon Sagemaker, Amazon Personalize, and Amazon Forecast can process training data quickly.


  • Resolve fragmented customer touchpoints to LiveRamp’s pseudonymous identifier, RampID, directly within your AWS environment. LiveRamp Identity integrates natively with AWS Entity Resolution for enhanced data matching and connectivity.

  • Translate data in your AWS environment to LiveRamp RampID to collaborate with trusted partners directly or within an AWS Clean Room.

  • Directly connect and activate data from your cloud environment with 500 turnkey destinations across digital ecosystem, mobile, and CTV.

  • Fully integrated solution with Amazon Ads that connects data from the AWS cloud and makes it directly usable for measurement within the Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) Clean Room and Activation within Amazon DSP.

  • LiveRamp solutions are available on AWS Marketplace and AWS Data Exchange.