Advanced Data Connectivity for Hyper-Competitive CPGs

Consumer expectations are forcing CPG brands to deliver timely and relevant experiences across multiple touchpoints to create lasting loyalty and drive revenue.

LiveRamp helps brands capture and activate valuable customer insights by unlocking collaboration across retailers, partners, and platforms.

Collaborate across the entire ecosystem

Leverage a secure environment for partnerships that accelerates growth, enabling your brand to access transaction data and gain rich insights, have a direct relationship with consumers, and drive delightful, privacy-safe customer experiences that are unified across platforms, screens, and channels.

Increase reach and relevance across all touchpoints

Consumer behaviors are changing at lightning speed and personalization is key. Enhancing your customer view and shopping behavior will help increase your competitive advantage and drive more relevant experiences, better ROI, and customer loyalty. Scale your reach with media efficiency while reducing spend on third-party data licenses for targeting and measurement by 30% or more within 24 months.

Build a data strategy and identity infrastructure

Your data strategy is now more important than ever, and having an accurate and cohesive identity layer when applied across fragmented data sources creates a powerful differentiator. First-party data resolution enables the creation of brand-owned customer views that allows for collaborating with retailers, executing campaigns on a retail media network, and measuring accurate customer insights.

Accelerate actionable insights and measure business outcomes

Access more granular and scaled transaction data, including at the SKU-level, to build proprietary customer insights and optimize your campaigns across the entire advertising ecosystem.

P&G Achieves 30% Sales Lift in Single Campaign


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