Power strategic advertising decisions with cross-screen measurement and analytics

Cross-screen measurement helps unlock previously inaccessible data across all forms of advertising—TV, CTV, social media platforms, publishers, and programmatic. Mitigate signal loss, and reveal the hidden insights that fuel growth.

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Optimize the customer experience – and your media spend with cross-screen measurement and analytics

Access holistic performance data across your media portfolio

Eliminate fragmentation across data sets, environments, partners, and reporting—all the data you need, all in one place.

See how McDonald’s transformed its media measurement approach and strengthened ROI

Prove and improve investment decisions

Clearly tie media exposure to conversion data to account for every media dollar. Drive effective decision-making.

Hear how industry leaders are thinking about CTV

Accelerate growth with new insights and partnerships

Build more valuable strategic relationships with publishers and brands — and understand consumer needs more deeply.

Discover how Ampersand and LiveRamp enable unprecedented insights into media performance

With LiveRamp, we’ve increased the value of our important publisher relationships with DISH Media and others. The ability to safely and securely access and analyze more data has allowed us to better understand our customers and measure the true impact of our marketing activities.

Joe Keating Analytics Director, Hill’s Pet Nutrition

With cross-screen measurement and analytics, our customers don’t just dream innovation, they own it.


Optimizing media performance

Rapidly growing direct-to-consumer brand ThirdLove pinpoints incremental value and achieves 60% lift in search conversions.

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Hill's Pet Nutrition

Connecting the dots between media exposure and sales

Beloved specialty brand Hill’s Pet Nutrition changes the conversation with publishers and opens up valuable new partnerships by unlocking granular insights into media performance.

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Deepening partner relationships

Pinterest embraces collaborative media measurement and analytics to help brands reach the right teachers, chefs, crafters, and influencers with targeted audience activation.

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