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The State of People-Based Marketing

This was previously published by the DMA. It was just over two years ago that “people-based marketing” was introduced at Advertising Week. Since then, the term has become a rallying cry for brands. Given they compete on customer experience and want to build relationships with consumers, it is no surprise that brand marketers have been
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What the DMA, Cross-Device IDs and Ad Week Have in Common

Cross-device identification is as critical as it is difficult. Whether you’re a brand marketer, agency, platform, or publisher, you need to consistently and accurately identify consumers across the entire digital ecosystem and at every consumer touchpoint, But connecting these dots is not easy. Plus, the terminology can be confusing when it comes to cross-device identity,

How Ad Fraud Impacts Your Measurement, with Dr. Augustine Fou

This is part two of our interview with Dr. Augustine Fou, digital ad fraud researcher at Marketing Science Consulting Group. For the first part, click here. Ad fraudsters not only steal your ad dollars—they also mess up your marketing analytics and prevent you from truly understanding the impact your digital has on sales. Thankfully, the

LiveRamp Partner Spotlight with DataLab Digital Advertising

For our series on 1-to-1 marketing best practices, we reached out to Alex Aigner, COO at DataLab Digital Advertising, to learn more about how they leverage custom predictive models to boost new customer acquisition efforts. Can you give a brief overview of DataLab? We’re an addressable marketing consultancy that specializes in improving the data and