Webinar Identity

Leverage People-Based Identity in the Cloud

The opportunity for marketers, IT leaders, and enterprise executives to collaborate on joining their cloud and identity strategies is nascent and can yield tremendous results for first movers. With people-based identity now available in the cloud, brands can solve data fragmentation at scale, maximize security and protection of consumer data, improve performance, and accelerate a higher return on their cloud investments.

In this 30-minute on-demand webinar, James Arra, Head of Cloud Partnerships at LiveRamp will moderate a discussion between Gokhan Sahin, Global Solutions Lead at Google Cloud, and Dennis Ellis, Vice President of Global Identity at LiveRamp.  They will discuss why now is the time for brands to take advantage of people-based identity in the cloud and share:

  1. How identity and cloud strategies can complement one another and accelerate results
  2. How identity in the cloud positively impacts customers and addresses data fragmentation challenges across geographies at scale
  3. Use cases and examples of how identity in the cloud can help you deliver better customer experiences