What the DMA, Cross-Device IDs and Ad Week Have in Common

Marketing Innovation

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What the DMA, Cross-Device IDs and Ad Week Have in Common

Marketing Innovation

Cross-device identification is as critical as it is difficult.

Whether you’re a brand marketer, agency, platform, or publisher, you need to consistently and accurately identify consumers across the entire digital ecosystem and at every consumer touchpoint,

But connecting these dots is not easy.

Plus, the terminology can be confusing when it comes to cross-device identity, and conflicting definitions often exist.

Terminology can range from identity graphs to onboarding, match rates to universal IDs, making it harder than ever to understand and evaluate various cross-device identification approaches and solution providers.

That’s why LiveRamp is proud to be a member of the DMA’s Advisory Council on Cross-Device Identification (XDID).

The goal of this program is to elevate the market’s XDID “IQ” to reduce implementation barriers through repeatable data management and exchange standards, and ultimately make it easier for XDID buyers and sellers to do business with confidence.

As part of this program, the DMA has released an Identity RFI (see press release here) for brand marketers to use as a template when evaluating solution providers. This resource improves the speed and lowers the cost of cross-device technology adoption decisions.

If you’re attending Advertising Week and would like to learn more, please stop by today’s TRUTHS and LIES with Cross-Device ID workshop starting at 3:30 pm ET (12:30pm PT) at ADARA Stage, Times Center Hall, hosted by the DMA and CIMM.

Not attending AdWeek? You can watch the live stream here!

Our CMO, Jeff Smith, will speak at 5:15 pm ET (2:15 pm PT) on Three Keys to Choosing Your Identity Solutions Partners.

We’ll cover what buyers need to understand to buy with confidence and the disclosures both sides of the transaction need to articulate to reduce the gap between cross-device promise and reality.

Hope to see you there, and stay tuned for future updates and new resources! You can also subscribe to get more information from our blog.