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Deliver Next-Generation Customer Experiences with LiveRamp Identity in Databricks Marketplace

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LiveRamp’s Identity Resolution Solution is now available on the Databricks Marketplace and Data Intelligence Platform, enabling powerful, cookieless marketing capabilities interoperable with any CDP solution.

The days of relying on third-party cookies for reach and measurement are numbered, driving a need for first-party, privacy-centered solutions that keep marketers’ insight into customer behaviors strong.

But the signal loss marketers face goes far beyond cookies. Evolving data regulation is making brands more cautious and diligent about data partnerships, further reducing the insights available about customers outside a brand’s “four walls.”

Signal loss and complex privacy requirements are seismic shifts that make the work of thoughtful marketers—who want to better personalize and engage audiences with relevant offers—significantly more challenging.

This is why LiveRamp and Databricks are expanding their partnership to help enterprises unlock powerful new marketing capabilities directly from their cloud environment without a reliance on cookies.

Introducing the LiveRamp Identity Resolution for Databricks

Our premier, Identity Resolution solutions, called a “Solution Accelerator,” empowers customers to build their critical enterprise identity infrastructure using a consistent identity framework with clear rules that help protect privacy and align with your business priorities as you grow. With LiveRamp’s enterprise identity solutions, any company can create impactful consumer data strategies within the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform and unify workloads and silos across the organization.

“We stand at a pivotal moment in history where companies embracing and mastering first-party consumer strategies will forge a new frontier, shaping the most remarkable enterprises and defining unparalleled customer experiences through the synergy of data and AI. In an era of unprecedented accessibility to data empowered by data platforms capable of harnessing such immense volumes for analytics and AI, cultivating and safeguarding your unique consumer data strategy emerges as the ultimate competitive edge, unlocking the full potential in your data assets. “ – Katrina Cho, Head of Cloud Partnerships, LiveRamp

“As the industry pivots away from traditional third-party data sources towards a more secure and privacy-compliant future, our collaboration with LiveRamp represents a significant leap forward in enabling marketers to harness the full potential of first-party data. The integration of LiveRamp’s premier Identity Resolution Solution within the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform is not just about enhancing marketing capabilities; it’s about redefining the future of customer engagement. By unifying data, advanced analytics and AI, we empower organizations to create more personalized and meaningful experiences for their customers, without compromising on privacy. This partnership underscores our commitment to innovation, offering our clients a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.” – Chris Hecht, SVP Partnerships and Corporate Development

All of this is available via Databricks Notebooks as a Solution Accelerator which provides easy-to-use prebuilt code for you to deploy on your customer libraries.

By leveraging powerful data pipelines built on Databricks and LiveRamp’s robust, continuously learning knowledge base, marketing teams are empowered to innovate and build lasting customer relationships while unlocking the power of their data and data teams. With LiveRamp and Databricks, businesses can uncover the most accurate, comprehensive, and connected view of their customers.

How Retailers, Media Publishers, and Brands Can Use This Today

  • Media and Publishers: Provide innovative content experiences and measurable business outcomes to grow advertising dollars.
    • Deepen understanding of viewership data to deliver optimized content and recommendations.
    • Deliver actionable insights to advertisers leveraging a durable, privacy-centric identifier designed to withstand signal loss.
    • Unify measurement across online, in-app, and CTV channels to make every ad impression addressable and accountable.


  •  Retailers: Deliver meaningful customer experiences while building clear consumer insights for suppliers.
    • Unify customer loyalty records across PII, email, phone, and addresses for a person-level view of in-store activity and purchase history.
    • Triangulate analytics using the Databricks platform to improve each touchpoint in the customer journey.
    • Wield the power of your first-party data to provide your supply partners with important shopper insights that drive targeted demand for effective conversion.


  • Brands: Enhance every customer interaction and the ability to reach customers on the channels, at the right time.
    • Reach your most coveted customers with relevant ads wherever they spend their time, powered by machine learning that fuels customer intelligence.
    • Increase confidence in privacy-focused media strategies to optimize reach and frequency amid cookie deprecation.
    • Make every dollar effective and measurable, optimizing spend on the right channels to increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Solution Accelerator Recipe

Our Solution Accelerator approach follows a two-step recipe that focuses on core capabilities from both of these marketing solution specialists.

Step 1: Increase the accuracy of audience profiles with LiveRamp’s known identity graph.

While cookies track browsing activity on a single device, LiveRamp’s identity graph uses deterministic matching to connect various data points (email, phone number, address) across devices and channels, creating a unified view of individual customers.

By using our solution notebook, you can generate a key on customer touchpoint data and use common keys to consolidate behaviors accurately. If you’re using a CDP with a rules engine, LiveRamp provides a very strong additional signal that ensures the right data is attached to the right profile.


  • Go beyond cookies for a more holistic understanding of customers.
  • Deliver personalized campaigns with improved targeting and ROI.
  • Operate within privacy safeguards while gaining valuable insights.
  • Consolidate data and unlock the full potential of their CDP to maximize the value of first-party data.
  • Master the omnichannel customer journey with consistent personalization

Step 2: Remove personal identifiers and use AbiliTec for customer behavioral modeling with Databricks AI

LiveRamp’s known identity graph uses brand-salted, non-reversible identifiers at both the individual and household level. These are more privacy-conscious than universal identifiers that rely on hashed emails (HEMs), which can be revealed through another company’s potential data safety gaps.

These features make LiveRamp’s identity technology a perfect key for building ethical and secure behavioral models for loyalty, brand affinities, product propensities and cohort discovery using the powerful supervised, unsupervised and generative AI support on the Databricks Platform!


  • Improved AI Model Accuracy: Combating signal loss, LiveRamp can more accurately link individuals to their data across different channels and time periods, leading to a richer picture of their behavior and preferences. This can improve the accuracy and effectiveness of AI models used for prediction, personalization, and other tasks.
  • Reduced Bias: Since LiveRamp’s encryption is non-reversible, it can help reduce risk of bias in AI models. Models trained on data linked to identifiable individuals can inadvertently learn and perpetuate biases based on sensitive attributes like race, gender, or income.
  • Enhanced Security: Non-reversible identifiers like AbiliTec are more difficult to reverse engineer and re-identify individuals, making them less susceptible to security breaches and privacy violations.

To complete this recipe, simply use the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform to remove all personally-identifiable attributes before building a powerful pseudonymized behavioral foundation for analytics and AI modeling on the LiveRamp key!

LiveRamp offers these services, applications and APIs and more on its Data Collaboration Platform. LiveRamp recently acquired Habu and together provide a powerful, marketer-focused and identity-neutral user interface on top of Databricks Clean Rooms which facilitates privacy-focused collaboration. From identity to data enrichment to data collaboration and insights, Databricks and LiveRamp have a wealth of options to unlock the value of your data, combat signal loss, and market powerfully and ethically in the decades ahead.

Download the LiveRamp Identity Resolution Notebook via Databricks Solution Accelerators today from the Databricks Marketplace. Reach out to [email protected] to learn more.

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