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How Albertsons Media Collective is Powering a More Collaborative Ecosystem With LiveRamp

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As the ecosystem navigates signal loss and stricter privacy requirements, LiveRamp and Albertsons are exploring ways data collaboration can fuel better activation, measurement, and insights across all the channels that matter.

At RampUp 2024, Albertsons Media Collective took the stage to highlight its latest efforts to unlock new possibilities in retail media. Attendees were able to hear how the retailer, in partnership with Pinterest and LiveRamp, is using data collaboration to improve measurement outcomes for consumer packaged goods companies. 

In the case of customer Mondelēz International, the partners jumped in head first to deliver one of brands’ most coveted metrics: incrementality. The team tested a targeted charcuterie board campaign using Albertsons and Pinterest’s clean room integration, powered by LiveRamp, and immediately saw a 16% incremental sales lift. The brand successfully reached a broader audience and enhanced its measurement capabilities without relying on third-party cookies, all while creating more meaningful experiences for customers throughout their shopping journey.

As Evan Hovorka, VP of Product and Innovation at Albertsons Media Collective, shared in the panel session, “Incrementality is the gold standard, but it’s also the most scientifically rigorous. Even though the methodology is fairly intense, it’s one of the most requested features from our CPGs. So in honor of doing the right thing by our customers and the right thing by the consumer, we wanted to do incrementality first. Mondelēz gave us a lot of grace to prove we could achieve this for them, and the result was a win-win for everyone involved.” 

Enhancing Data Connectivity in the Signal-Less Era

LiveRamp and Albertsons’ partnership doesn’t stop at helping CPGs cultivate a deeper, one-to-one relationship with consumers. We’re constantly exploring new ways to more strategically collaborate, cultivate trust, and deliver customer outcomes that drive brand loyalty and business value. 

Advertisers interested in retail media must be confident in the network’s ability to help them safely access more data, offer robust customer knowledge, and successfully identify and target shoppers in real-time. Insights from loyalty programs, CRM systems, in-store transactions, online shopper behavior, and other first-party signals are foundational to creating a media network that helps advertisers grow their customer intelligence. 

Using LiveRamp’s enterprise identity framework, which spans the broadest range of touchpoints across complex customer journeys, Albertsons accurately stitches together all consumer touchpoints from its first-party data to build the foundation for a high-performing media network that protects consumer trust and strengthens brand partnerships. Albertsons’ deep knowledge of shopping habits helps advertisers reach more consumers at the right moment, while gleaning powerful insights and measurement metrics that drive business growth. 

As third-party signals deprecate, Albertsons is also using signal-less solutions, such as RampID, that enhance data fidelity and connectivity. By creating new ways for advertisers to optimize campaigns, expand audiences, deepen engagement, and drive growth without the cookie, Albertsons is improving the reach and scale for both partners and its platform. By pioneering a more addressable and open ecosystem, empowered by privacy-enhancing technologies, Albertsons and its partners can combine and analyze more data sets to uncover real-time customer insights and enhance the accuracy of cross-screen measurement. 

Enabling Privacy-Centered Data Collaboration in More Channels

In order to grow and be competitive, companies must extend the value of their data by collaborating with partners in a privacy-focused way. A shared understanding of this reality is what’s fueling Albertsons and LiveRamp’s work with Pinterest and other platforms. Together, we’re creating a more interconnected ecosystem that allows partners to derive more powerful insights from their data.

Invention and innovation have remained core tenets of LiveRamp and Albertsons’ relationships, and we’re continuing to explore even more ways to bring value to advertisers, publishers, and the industry at large. With cookies quickly leaving the ecosystem, businesses need a way to increase reach, frequency, and connectivity across the open web and premium channels like CTV. LiveRamp’s unique ability to deliver simplicity and scale across a premier global ecosystem, paired with Albertsons’ best-in-class targeting and measurement, will be an unbeatable combination for advertisers looking to improve match rates and closed-loop measurement in the privacy-more, signal-less era.  

Stay tuned for updates from LiveRamp and Albertsons very soon. In the meantime, check out Albertsons and Pinterest’s session at RampUp 2024:


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